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This section of the website is dedicated to a fictional universe I started working on in December of 2009. It began as a project to combine every story and character I'd written or typed about into a single setting. I then reorganized and explained things until they started to make sense. It's all open source so that others may expand upon it freely, without concern for what I or others think should or shouldn't be part of it.

Cybernetic Demise Fictional Ultraverse

Pages that describe the project itself instead of a part of it.
The Known Universe
Constants, facts, myths, inhabited planets, and other stuff.
Cast of Characters
Info-sheets for more than 160 of the Ultraverse's varied people.
Storylines and Histories
Fragments, outlines, planned arcs, and tales.
The Future Universe
The open-source sci-fi universe that encapsulates my own.
Highly Saucy Directory
An archive of my unrelated past works.
Image Viewer
Just here for the artwork? That's fine too.
The Past Recoded
See the domains that burned to give CD5K ashes to rise from.

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