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I've been developing the Ultraverse for over six years now. A lot of things have been cut out as the storylines and narratives became more refined. Here's some of the more interesting ones, with context provided if necessary.

Old Arcs
Unused concepts from when CDFU was some discrete quest ideas.
The Glass Flute
The unwritten epilogue to a forum role-play adventure.
The Other Realities
Alternate versions of the Cradians' first contact.
Alternate Epsilon
What if Chosha didn't opt to join the Omniscient?


Here's a few things from my notes file that are memoirs of obsolete tales.

The below segment was removed because the Alutrianan Vincent character was phased out. This comes from a time when the Ultraverse was just a collection of ideas for interactive quests I wanted to run on imageboards.

An alternate origin story for Manifold:

Here's the initial origin story for Tesepa, as well as some plans for Chosha, who I just referred to as Letzen back then. Parts of this are still canonical, but most of it is inaccurate.

From the 2011-2013 Ultracontinuity days come these names for the parts of the overarcing universal storyline.

The "LOLOLD" snark is there because the storylines it's referencing are from Tesepa, which is inside the MASS, but they were originally from the story of the Ultraverse's real planet. What I meant by "CDFU original backstory" is that this project was originally just a compilation of my prior work, so whatever wasn't would be under that label.

Ah, I'd forgotten about the Fracture Wars. That warrants some explanation. Before I had the idea for Project CYBERDIE, I was just going to have Origin (Shadow Talon) and Eternity fighting against the rest of the universe. The galaxy that exploded out of LollerCupcake's mind was originally going to BE the rest of the Ultraverse. Unfortunately, due to the number of characters that would have been involved, it was a mess to even plan out, let alone actually try to write about. Also, Temporal Demise was going to be the tale of the Sapians vs. everyone else. Per the name, time travel would have been involved. The last one, Singularity, refers to an old storyline where all sapient life was eventually absorbed into the A.N.A.

I originally had a storyline where Te Ra was destroyed by the Omniscient. This was phased out when I developed the in-between story for Kefaru's Scientius becoming Te Ri's Decepticus.

I originally wanted some of Mute Sector's dorm rooms to have a portal to a dedicated and mysterious bathing temple that didn't seem like it was part of the Academy. I later scrapped this idea because it's dumb; they're studying at a school for future mages! I can just write off any wierdness as an act of a warlock specializing in spatial manipulation.

That last addition was me struggling with a bit of dissonance caused by wanting to have a shy/bashful character in what is basically a society of nudists. I would later have Goblins be a freed slave race, so that I could have the shy "grasslanders" that are easily embarrassed by things that wouldn't register to a forest dweller.

The subsequent redaction:
2013-12-24: Instead of species renames, Kozen and Loksan were the names of two negotiators who helped form the KLP, and it was named after them in their honor. To differentiate between Cavernous Isle and TORRENTIAL Ravil and Batalians, the latter are known as Blood Ravil and Blood Batalians, due to both being ruled by King Blood Mask, and genetic alterations made to enhance their races' combat abilities.

I decided to have Tesepans be bird-like, based on some previous encyclopedic writing for my TFU integration. That version of CDFU's reality would have had a naturally-evolved Novian species living alongside a bird-like species known as Kazenians.

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