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Note that due to the Ultraverse being portrayed in English, with the spelling and grammar thereof, this information will only really be useful when creating names. Even then, names are often translated.

Futarogu and Novians use a language known as Coranago. Coranago is written with an alphabet, but each word follows a consonant-vowel pattern, as demonstrated with names like Ci (Shi) Kayu and Edurino Kanuzenu (Edwin Kanzen)

Coranago and English use the same alphabet with the exceptions of C (Ch), L (replaced with R), Q ("Ku"), V (replaced with B), and X ("Ekisu"). W is pronounced wei because it is a silly letter that doesn't deserve three syllables.


Feature Phones

They are given a landscape design to accomodate snout length.

Fig.1: Typical Novian Mobile Phone Keypad
Call/Yes/Send 0 @ & $ End/No/Del
1 A B C2 D E F3 G H I
4 J K M N5 O P R6 S T U
* % ! '7 W Y Z# . , ?



Computers aboard Karasu feature a 14-key combined-input keyboard. Hover over a key if you are unsure of what it does.

(If the below table doesn't render properly, view this ASCII representation.)

Fig.2: Chorded Keyboards of Karasu Command
    C   I   II     ALTE
    M   V   X     MATH
    [__]     CAPS
Keypress chart (explained below):
keys  1 2 4 A 3 5 B 6 C E 7 D F G H    CAPS  1 2 4 A 3 5 B 6 C E 7 D F G H
-----------------------------------    -----------------------------------
ABCD  e t a o i n s h r d u c m w f    ABCD  E T A O I N S H R D U C M W F
ALTE  g y p ? b k [ j ] ` z ' , . _    ALTE  G Y P ! B K < J > ~ Z " ; : |
MATH  1 2 4 0 3 5 ( 6 ) / 7 + - * =    MATH        @   $ { ^ } % & #

1-H (17) are typed by simultaneously pressing the various combinations of I, II, V, and X (+1, +2, +4, and +10). The M key is Menu or Escape except in Navigation Lock, which is toggled with C. Navigation Lock converts the following keys: I/M/V/X to up/left/down/right, ALTE/MATH to PgUp/PgDn, Tab/CAPS to Home/End, II+Tab/II+CAPS to Start/EOF.


Fig.3: Classic ETAOIN Keyboard Layout
ESC  F1F2F3 F4  F5F6F7 F10  BRK
[ <] > 0 #1 $2 @ 3 %4 &5 ~ 6 |7 ^= _ BACKSPACE
e Et Ta A o Oi In N s Sh H- / + *' "  
CAPSr Rd D u Uc Cm M w Wf F? ! ( {) }
ALT g Gy Yp P b Bk Kj J z Z, ;. :

The arrow keys double as PgUp/PgDn and Home/End when used with ALT.

Microwave Ovens

Fig.4: Reheater Basic Input Panel
+¼ minPowerClock
+1 minStartTimer
+4 minClearLight

('Power' toggles between full and half cooking power.)

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