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Novius is the home planet of the Novians. It was created to provide a normal, mundane life for those who wanted it.

Geography and Distribution

The planet's surface consists mainly of two large continents, with the majority of the planet's population being within one of six countries. Those on the western continent are the Kozerian Federation, the vast northern nation; the Socialist Republics of Dostatok, which is actually a free-market democracy; and the Arbzenan Confederate Union, a forested country.

The eastern continent is home to the Viklandian Kingdoms, an economic union of wealthy, scenic countries; the Republic of Ofnort, a vast police state; and the Empire of Corana, a proud and successful trade nation due to its many island territories.

Creation Myths

There are currently three mainstream tales about how the world began. The oldest, known as Incubism, holds that the planet is a giant egg. The creature that grows within is made stronger by being fed the souls of the wicked, which are brought to it by burrowing insects. When it grows strong enough to hatch, the world will end in a fiery blaze as the surface is ripped apart.

The worldview with the most followers is known as the Great Dream. Following the dictates set forth in an ancient multi-author compilation titled A Divine Hallucination, Dreamers believe that the universe exists within the imagination of a comatose god, and that all the chaos and order that happens is a result of that diety's logic and creativity acting within its sleeping mind.

The most recent faith to emerge is known as Calculism, which holds that the most fulfilling life possible is had by experiencing an equal mix of good and bad moments; balancing them out to fill one with a zen-like state of mind. Its followers are instructed to value the novel and the nostalgic, and to frequently observe what does and does not make sense about life.

Culture and History

This planet basically exists as a stand-in for Cradle, except in the past, and will therefore rhyme with and echo that history.

(Read: Just use reality for inspiration, because I'm extremely lazy.)


Karasuan citizens who die are simply recreated at the center of New Shi Kayu, while those who are not were reincarnated, up to a point. However, after Chosha used Decepticus to invoke the rapture, an exact replica of the living world was created. The main difference is that it contains the people who Chosha deemed "obstructive to progress"; they were relocated to somewhere where they could do no further harm to social progress and the advancement of the sciences.

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