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YouTube Favorites (2015-01-16)

The Best of YouTube

(According to Bytemoth)


The Best Channels

Classic Game Room: Daily video game reviews from space.. in HD!
The Computer Chronicles: A televised history of the rise of the PC.
Cooking With Dog: A Japanese cooking show hosted by a poodle!
Maddox: The complete archives of The Best Show in the Universe.
Retsupurae: Cleaning up YouTube by mocking bad LPs and weird games.
SciShow: Stay informed of current affairs in science and technology.
Tek Syndicate: The latest in computer hardware and internet law.

The Best Videos

If you feel that you don't have enough time or patience to view a majority of these videos, I have bolded one must-see in each category. If you are in less of a rush, also view the entries immediately above and below each of them.


Knowledge and Information [1h02m12]
07m30 38 Common Errors
07m16 50 Science Misconceptions
10m13 The Five-Second Rule
04m50 Forever Less One Day
02m50 Grammar Lessons With Food
03m41 How Big is the Universe?
02m30 How to See Without Glasses
05m05 LFTR Quickly Explained
04m02 Miss Ping Debunk
04m20 Shake and Fold
02m33 Star Size
07m22 Sum of All Natural Numbers

Human Nature [1h10m40]
04m26 Climate Change Debate
09m53 Conformity
03m58 How to Save Earth From Us
12m45 Moon Hoax Not
09m30 Open-Mindedness
17m35 Spaghetti Sauce
06m33 Vaccines and Autism
06m00 Will Mankind Destroy Itself?

Ignorance vs Internet [2h22m54]
04m57 The $8,000,000,000 iPod
03m05 Censorship: The Wrong Answer
04m11 Gaiman on the Web
23m03 Kim Dotcom Interview
15m00 Rick Falkvinge on Politics
03m15 Rise of the Patent Troll
05m05 SOPA: The Right to Privacy
44m18 The Tale of Archive Team
08m39 Too Much Copyright
13m04 When Copyright Goes Bad
15m12 Why Privacy Matters
03m05 Worries About Web Control

Internet Stupidity Providers [2h20m]
25m 1996 Telecommunications Act
16m AT+T: Lies Against Humanity
03m Dan Bull: David Cameron
05m EC8x02: Net Neutrality
10m How to VPN
30m The Internet Must Go
13m Preventing Cable Co. Fuckery
38m Verizon Wants to Kill the Net

Online Cooking [1h02m23]
01m20 Blacktop 360 Ad
04m56 Cereal is Dope
04m47 Dinner Table Game
01m16 Eggs!
04m11 Futuristic Brunch
01m21 How To Make A Cheeseburger
05m47 MDK: (Not) Easy Baking
04m49 MDK: Poutine
04m46 MDK: Pizza
05m55 MDK Tribute
04m46 MDK: Macaroni Salad
04m50 MDK: American Strudel Pt.2
03m18 ROSMT: Meatball Massacre
03m28 ROSMT: Sidepork Pandemonium
03m20 ROSMT: Patriotic Pancakes
03m33 ROSMT: Meatloaf Mayhem

Epic Meal Time Top 10 [0h53m01]
02m00 Meat Salad
07m47 Maximum Mac and Cheese
05m25 The Gentleman's Episode
06m30 Fast Food Chinese Food
02m55 Next Level Pies
05m05 BBQ Coliseum
04m02 Boss Bacon Burger
04m05 Breakfast Lasagna
05m17 Hotdog Casserole
03m20 100LB Chocolate Bar
03m22 Dishwasher Lasagna
03m13 Breakfast Meta-Burrito

Brief Humor [1h27m14]
03m17 first
04m45 Geoff Peterson
01m49 A Glass of Malk
03m22 Grammar Nazis
03m41 Honda S2000 Review
01m00 How to Death Metal
01m05 How to Eat Burgers
02m00 How to Report the News
07m50 Jim Meskimen on Today
01m52 Like A Boss
02m05 MinusIQ: Dumb Yourself Down
00m25 The New iPhone
04m00 Obey the Beard
05m45 One Liner Comedian
02m22 Pakratt's Pondery, Ep.25
08m14 Penis Talk
07m33 Science
13m06 Tim Ross
02m30 True Facts: Introverts
01m48 True Facts: Morgan Freeman
03m37 The True Origins of Pizza
01m47 We Do It Jumbo
01m41 We Got That B Roll!
01m40 White History Month

YouTube, am I right? [0h14m08]
02m00 Free Car Giveaway
00m57 How To Tern on Your Computor
08m07 Welcome to YouTube
03m04 Your Grammar Sucks, Vol.35

Nonbelief [2h23m27]
03m27 A Reassuring Fable
02m08 After the Rapture
01m08 Aren't You Lucky?
08m26 Atheism as Congruence
09m42 Attacking My Beliefs
03m15 Biblical Morality
04m47 A Christian Nation?
04m45 Christianity Harms Society
02m00 The Crazy Watering Can
03m20 Dan Savage: The Bible
03m23 God Bless Jessica Ahlquist
09m46 God's Checklist
09m32 God is love?
03m37 How Many Religions?
11m16 JFK on Church and State
04m06 Scientists Abandon Evolution!
01m56 Through Atheist Eyes
06m55 Top Creationist Arguments 2
02m26 The Values We All Stand For
47m32 Why Are Atheists Angry?

Mind Expansion Pack [2h36m01]
05m20 A House Divided
09m00 Atheists SECRETLY Believe!
06m00 Betting on Infinity
09m50 The Book of Job, Pt.2
09m15 ED2x5B: Personal Relationship
09m55 ED3x0: New Way of Seeing God
10m00 ED3x1: Definitions
15m00 ED3x3Ca: A History of God
10m51 Irreducible Complexity
10m00 Lack of Belief in Gods
10m00 Putting Faith in its Place
09m45 The Quiz Show
12m54 Religion: The Bad Parent
09m56 Superstition
07m45 Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me?
10m30 Why Don't We Fear Hell?

Hot Science Injection [0h20m44]
04m22 Chromosome #2
01m56 Evolution in Two Minutes
10m08 I Know More Than God
04m18 You Can't Trust Science?

Video Games [4h13m51]
04m12 Blood Dragon: The Cyber War
02m15 BrentalFloss: "Press X"
11m07 Confusing Game/Movie Titles
04m25 The Future of Machinima
01m00 Goat Simulator (Trailer)
01m35 How Gamers Eat Their Food
14m05 JonTron: Takeshi's Challenge
03m15 Scythe MAP30 Pacifist
11m03 SNES vs Genesis (JR), Pt.1
08m28 SNES vs Genesis (RT), Pt.1
47m45 Sonic 2006 Summarized
07m38 Stop Accepting Mediocrity
48m54 TAS: Cave Story
23m50 TAS: Mega Man II
23m44 TAS: Metroid II
40m35 TASbot at AGDQ 2014

Informative/Fascinating [2h04m29]
04m16 EC5x12: Ozymandias
05m47 EC6x11: Toxicity
05m20 EC6x17: Used Games
05m30 EC7x13: Incentive/Politics
11m33 CRTs for Retro Gaming
07m00 How Durable Are Cartridges?
32m54 Is the Industry Crashing?
04m00 Missile Command Retrospective
17m52 Reasons to Switch to PC
10m20 ROM City Rampage
17m07 Tragedy and Game Violence
02m50 Violent Video Games

Minecraft Commentary [9h07m24]
27m30 Chronohawk Plays Flatcore
29m40 Coe's Quest, Ep.144
17m55 Special Guest Rovurr
36m45 VB2x40: Castle Demolition
1h23m Nebris vs Canada
22m46 OOG: Legendary, Pt.38
29m19 OOG: Legendary, Pt.64
20m27 OOG: Sea of Flame II, Pt.15
3h21m RFW: 4200G
33m54 Super Duper Hardcore
25m00 Dwarves vs Zombies
20m08 UHC 14 - Another Dimension

Zinnia Jones [1h03m28]
03m57 Angry at God
01m11 Arrogance
04m10 Bristol Palin
06m28 "Can't even go to the park"
06m37 Email: Don't Do That
01m02 Facists and Their Facism
03m07 "Hate religion, love God"
07m19 Outlaw Christianity!
02m50 Presumptions of Guilt
03m39 The Pursuit of Immortality
02m43 Religion is Blasphemy
07m25 A Taste of Infinity
04m32 Terrible Source for Morality
00m44 Threat of the Day
03m30 Threats of Hell Mean Nothing
04m14 What Offends Me
Assorted Amazingness [1h16m03]
22m08 500 S&W Magnum
06m42 15 Minute Film School, Pt.1
01m52 Are Jumpscares Scary?
01m30 Boring vs Fancy
03m30 Car for Sale
01m45 Cool Guy Has Chill Day
04m15 Death to Pennies
04m05 Epic Rap Battle of Manliness
03m09 Es Ist Supergeil
04m13 How to Uninstall McAfee
07m33 Last Man Standing
07m34 The Signal
02m45 Toonami is BACK
02m17 What Sound Looks Like
01m05 Whose Gun Is It?
01m40 Why Every Man Needs A Beard
Angry Films [0h45m00]
05m12 AFO: Harry Potter
05m35 AFO: Health Care
06m26 AFO: Obama Pwns Noobs
05m44 AFO: Net Neutrality and You
02m09 America's Next Top Milkshake
02m30 Arizona Is A Beacon of Hope
01m31 Dirty Realism
01m17 The FAN System
01m30 GTFO My Sauerkraut
00m27 Just A Normal Cat Video
02m00 Life After Graduation
02m12 McCain Truth Project, Ep.6-9
04m00 Q and A, Pt.1
02m33 sdrawkcaB
01m02 Terror Starts At Home, Pt.2
00m52 Your Brain on Candy

Vlogging! [0h55m21]
01m32 TV Show Ideas
02m51 Travavelvlog
01m08 Wisdom
03m45 Vermont
02m10 Holiday Season
01m55 Future of Social Networking
02m17 Oscar Porno God
02m24 Untimely Ripped
04m23 The 2012 Election
02m49 About Baby Killing
02m00 Sex Advice
05m14 What The Cops Are Doing
05m00 Is Heaven a Place?
05m16 Stop John Green?
09m25 Fuck This Week
04m12 February

Assortment II

Human Society [1h29m50]
06m20 American Drug War
07m09 American Violence
09m10 Free Expression
04m04 How To Be Alone
06m50 Illusion of Superiority
04m00 Internet and Memory
12m02 Nuclear Explosion Timelapse
05m43 Olympic Feats of Ignorance
03m12 Swiss Gun Law
17m40 The VICE Guide to the DPRK
09m25 We Need Metric
04m15 What is Liberty?

Hardcore Badassery [0h18m55]
03m46 Clock Blockers
00m45 Maximus Thor: Happy Meal
01m15 Maximus Thor: Nazi Gold
00m53 Maximus Thor Goes To Church
00m50 Maximus Thor in "Stank"
02m20 Maximus Thor Makes Popcorn
03m22 Maximus Thor vs Herobrine
05m44 We are Humans

Pets and Animals [0h26m57]
01m28 A Dog Doing Dog Stuff
06m25 An Engineer's Guide to Cats
02m30 Gecko vs Praying Mantis
03m32 Jumping Crocodiles
02m45 Meanwhile in Slovenia
02m17 Okunoshima in Winter
04m00 Sniper Pug
04m00 True Facts: Armadillo

Best of Classic Game Room [0h56m40]
05m56 Blue VMU
05m10 Final Fight CD
06m08 Food Fight
08m45 Gamer Grub
02m35 Happy New Year!
01m39 The Lord Karnage Sandwich
06m40 Pac Man World
03m28 Rainforest Espresso
02m48 Vacation
00m36 Viral Dog vs the Sun
04m45 Web Wars
08m10 Wii U

Best of Fredryk Phox [1h27m00]
12m12 The Albino Blacksheep Video
12m00 Ebaum: The Eric Bauman Story
10m08 Ebaum 3: Fall of Eric Bauman
01m20 Fredryk Noir
08m44 Fun After Anthrocon
02m35 The Metropolis of Greenville
05m35 Summer Cabin
06m20 True the Eff Outta That
05m00 TV Watches Kids
03m26 Typical Friday Night
03m40 Ventriliowhat
16m00 Walmart in Johnson City II

Best of Stuart Ashen [1h48m10]
19m10 All Day Breakfast
11m26 Ancient Handheld Game Trio
06m47 Blind Bags: Battle Bands
13m04 Blind Bags: My Little Pony
05m40 Easter Eggs from Old Games
08m24 Legend of Zortan Showcase
20m46 A Look at a Vectrex
02m28 POP Station Value Pack
05m05 Tech Dump: Retro Games
07m08 Tiger R-Zone Pocket Xtreme
07m27 Toshiba Camileo H10
00m45 Weirder Thing Found in a Pub

Best of Technology! [3h37m29]
10m46 1994 IBM ThinkPad 360C
03m08 ASCII Fluid Dynamics
05m29 Dialing In With A Tandy
10m57 IBM PC 30th Anniversary
02m35 Internet in 1993
09m00 Internet Story
12m00 Mechanical Keyboard Guide
07m00 Old Computers Did It Better
07m14 Short Program Music, Vol.3
07m25 Simulated EAS Nuclear Attack
01m55 Things Smartphones Replaced
2h20m Xerox Star Final Demo

Power Corrupts [7h24m49]
02m25 Buffett Rule Goes Down
2h51m Co-Optional Podcast, Ep.29
48m40 Don't Talk to the Police
06m11 DVDs are Bullshit
01m37 First Honest Cable Company
01m51 Grad School Scam
03m39 I Own Warner Chilcott!
03m45 The Natural Effect
03m09 Patenting Person Parts
18m00 The Republic We Must Reclaim
53m00 The True Cost of Health Care
1h40m Trying to do the Right Thing
06m10 Wealth Inequality in America
05m42 Where My Ladies At?
09m40 Your Phone Company Watches
08m00 YouTube is Cutting Views
Edits and Remixes [0h55m59]
06m45 The Baby Bullet
04m40 Batman versus The Terminator
03m40 Beast Mode
09m59 The Best of Today, Vol.33
02m45 Comment Reconstruction
03m05 The History of Non-Lyrics
02m35 Jordan vs Ali
03m55 Morning Dew
01m30 Namja Ramen: I'm Your Man
01m22 One Inch of Snow (Trailer)
02m00 The Real Fridge Locker
01m25 Reporter's Delight
04m15 Staying Hot
02m40 Steak, Vodka, and Caviar
02m16 Sweet and Salty Perfection
03m07 World War Z Honest Trailer

The Best Encore [4h45m38]

One bonus video from each category and subgroup.
Knowledge and Information
Human Nature
Ignorance vs Internet
Internet Stupidity Providers
Online Cooking Shows
Epic Meal Time Top 10
Brief Humor
YouTube, am I right?
Mind Expansion Pack
Hot Science Injection
Video Games
Informative / Fascinating
Minecraft Commentary
Zinnia Jones
Assorted Amazingness
Angry Films
Zac's Vlog
Human Society
Hardcore Badassery
Pets and Animals
Best of Classic Game Room
Best of Stuart Ashen
Best of Fredryk Phox
Best of Technology!
Power Corrupts
Edits and Remixes
The Best Encore
04m08 Cuil Theory
10m28 SciShow: Climate Change
02m55 Hank vs Hank: Net Neutrality
36m00 The Tek, Ep.0119
22m30 Fuck That's Delicious, Ep.2
06m00 Ha Bisky Meat Time
03m35 My Enormous Penis
01m55 Copyright Disclaimer Blues
09m40 Are Atheists Too Aggressive?
06m55 Secularism is Sanity
09m00 Reason and Faith
00m51 Steam Summer Sale!
04m53 EC8x14: Why the Vita Failed
04m07 Cape Cod Potato Chips
08m11 A Thousand Pennies
05m25 Cork Harvest (ASMR)
36m06 Mail Mix
04m30 February II
02m27 The Future Ruined by Lawyers
03m08 Voltron: The End
01m00 Tous
05m40 VG Pocket Caplet
08m00 Electric Violin
02m50 Scruggs vs Khyber
09m45 Analogue Teletext
56m30 PANOPTICON: The Privacy Doc
10m35 What's in Spock's Scanner?
08m34 The Rise of Hollywood

This list filled up, and because I want to maintain the arbitrary divisibility by four, I will not be expanding it here. To see the videos created after July 2014 which I recommend, go here:

The Best of YouTube Part II


The Best End Paragraph

That concludes my all-time favorite YouTube hits. Hopefully you enjoyed all or most of them. If you disagree with the inclusion of any, or the exclusion of others, that is a personal defect you are invited to keep to yourself. There is no room for your thoughts; I'm too full of myself to let anyone else in.

Opinions may be harmful or fatal if swallowed.