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Let's party like FortuneCity's still around!

Awards Received

This is entirely the wrong decade to have a page like this. But, I know I'm not the only nostalgia-fueled holdout on the web. I'll leave this page here in case we decide to make 1997 happen again. In the meantime, here's some of the better award graphics I've come across on old homepages:

COSMIC site of the NIGHT

Eclipse Cool Site Award - August 1997 Blueyes Award For A Job Well Done!!! Seasons of Change GOLD 1999 Award of Excellence

Night Writer's Web Wizardry Award Raise the Dead - Hot As Hell Award The Dragon's Choice Award for homepage excellence (by Lady Tiffany).

Green Fairy's Somewhat Sullied Web Award Pick of the Web Award

This Site Is A Certified Web Page! Starsaber's Award of Excellence Sunset Angel's Cool Website Award

The Voices Told Me To Give You This Award Silver Wing of Internet Excellence Golden Webpage

FireFlii's Burning Seal of Web Excellence GINGER'S Cybercat Award of Excellence

Cosmic Pineapple Award Angelene's Originality Award


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