The Books of Bad Ideas (2014-07-16)

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My public-ed scribblings, posted for your delectation.

The Books of Bad Ideas

These are my old notebooks from high school, which doubled as sketchpads. They are presented without context, and are largely dedicated to things that were never made. Those include video games, fanfiction, and websites.

To reduce filesize, these scanned images only have a two-color palette. My handwriting probably isn't neat enough to be read in the first place, but this makes doing so a bit more difficult. For your convenience, I transcribed most of the pages that were nothing but writing into text.

Book 0/Book S: The Freshman Pages (2005-09-23 ~ 2007-??-??; 32 pages)
Doodles from my freshman year science and geometry classes.
Book I: Bad Ideas (2007-05-23 ~ 2007-11-07; 84 pages)
Website layouts, fanfiction cast lists, game design, and the Weekly Incarnation. Includes year-pages from the end of 10th grade.
Book E/Book II: The Sequel (2007-08-31 ~ 2008-03-16; 63 pages)
It starts off with English warm-ups, then transitions into more website layouts, game ideas, characters, animation scripts, the ever-changing Virtual Saviors, and the short-lived Panda Bears comic.
Book F/Book III: Senioritis (2008-03-25 ~ 2009-01-21; 78* pages)
Assorted poetry, website layouts, menus for fictional restaurants, plans for an unmade series named ¡Las Crónicas del Vicente!, and the usual game ideas and characters.
Book IV part I: The Red Tome (2009-01-07 ~ 2009-02-27; 42 pages)
Features a large amount of character drawings and logos, as well as constant rewrites of the Overkill and Conquered games.
Book IV part II: Resurrection (2009-03-03 ~ 2009-05-21; 39 pages)
Characters, logos, games, and operating system aesthetics.
Book III part II: The Home Stretch (2009-05-26 ~ 2009-06-04; 6 pages)
A brief revival of an old notebook for the last week of school.


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