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The Birth of Perfect Thrice (2010-01-29)

This is a bit of pre-Ultraverse phased out weirdness for you. I was writing an epilogue to one of my adventures in the MSPA Forums. The main character and his friends were lost in a forest after being warped there, and they stopped at a lake to meditate. Three of them drowned, and the fourth used whatever magic power she could muster to try and revive them.

It worked, but mashed her friends into a single, new creature. Their old personalities still existed within him, and were able to manifest themselves via his shadow.


From the inky blackness rises new life, wearing a fur coat of white that's thick in some places and short in others. Bright blue markings rest under the eyes and atop the head. Two large, drooping ears point to three-fingered hands and toes. A large tail sways gently behind this new companion.

The creature stretches his arms outward and giggles with delight.
I can feel.. The breeze is blowing against me. And I can hear the wind, entangling the trees..

He opens his eyes and smiles.
And I can see.. Hi!
Thrice? Is that my name?
If you want it to be.

Standing behind him is a robed figure, closely resembling one of the dead ones. It glares at him with intense yellow eyes.
Heh. Cute. Not quite what I had in mind, but I'll make do.
Wh--Who are you?
I am Thrice, and by extension, so are you.

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