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My small collection of non-Ultraverse stories.

MSPA Forum Art Sagas

Gearworks War: Kathy Squad
Origin's army fights against a mechanical despot from space!
The Test: Lord Null
A warlock dusts off his magic to take down a pack of fools!

Original Works

The Artist's Struggle (2009-07-07)
It's not good enough! But maybe it's good enough for me?
The Friendly Stranger (2009-09-14)
A short tale of downfall, new friends, and recovery.
Perfect Thrice (2010-01-29)
An illustration for an unwritten epilogue to a fantasy adventure.
Eight Fourty AM (2010-06-25)
Visions of a colder, sweeter world, seen in the mornings.
Permanence (2012-08-23)
An early draft of LollerCupcake's Worse Day, made when the Ultraverse was less developed.

Other Stuff

Rebel Crunch (2005-03-30)
The oldest drawing I still have; a fictional box of cereal.
Foolish (2009-01-17)
A haiku dedicated to sonnets.
Super MSN Convo Hash (2009-03-18)
A remixed Socom Squad meeting.
The Argument (2010-11-24)
The people I used to live with were driving me crazy.
Imagine It (2012-01-26)
An unfinished call to reason.
Lime Gelatin Cake (2012-06-01)
My mother's recipe, later improved by myself.

There isn't much here because, well, you know...

Livingston High School

These are some journals and stories produced for class assignments.
Quality disclaimer: I made most of this crap when I was an angry 17-year-old who was "surrounded by idiots", so don't take any of it too seriously.

Junior Year Journals
Senior Year Journals
Context: Bess
School Was Boring Today (2007-10-22)
The Pastry War of 1472 (2007-11-09)
Pale Lily (2008-01-18)
Self-Reflection (2008-02-21)
gotheaster (2008-03-14)
Squad Riot (2008-03-15)
Five Days in Hell
Part One (2009-04-29)
Part Two (2009-04-30)
Part Three (2009-05-01)
Part Four (2009-05-02)
Part Five (2009-05-03)
Raspberry Defender (2010-04-22)

For more stuff made when I was in high school, check out my doodle-heavy notes, the Books of Bad Ideas. There's also some of my old poems, songs, and stories on the recoded version of Impure Creation.

ZZT Worlds

I used to dabble with an old ANSI game creation engine made in 1991. Here's some of the more interesting things I made with it. These require ZZT 3.2 to play. You'll also most likely need to install and configure DOSbox.

Hawk's ZZT Stuff
A rerelease of some of my ZZT worlds from 2004-2006.
A ZZTV10 channel I made with the help of Brunch Master r0ms.


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