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OBEY Avatar Compilation (2007-05-27)

A collection of fresh "OBEY" .gif avatars featuring various Flash crew characters, with commentary detailing my involvement in said animation groups.


Corrections and Updates:
-I actually only made nine Molotov Time Trial parts.
-PineappleSocom was part of the Flower Fuckers. Goddamnit, r0ms!
-Socomdria was taken offline one month after I produced this. Depending on how you count them, we went through at least four additional forums in the next two months before I got fed up with the constant hacking and switched the group over to in August.
-I never intended for Gravy Gangsters to be an actual group, but I namedropped it as a joke in an MSN conversation and the others actually went and created a forum. It was online for a total of three days.
-Why the Gravy Gangsters? I had planned to use the audio from VeryTasteful's video about Gravy in the parodic flash introducing them.
-Two other Flash Crew characters of mine not mentioned in this collection are MMS Clock and Bat Sphere.

Ultraverse Equivalents:
SaltyJello - Thorn of Chronology
CreatureLock - Screech
LollerCupcake - Origin
BlackberrySocom - Blax
KazakhstanSocom (disavowed)
Beef Stew Gravy - Beef Stew

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