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Things I've made in Macromedia Flash 8.

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This list has very few entries because I didn't actually know what copyright was (let alone start respecting it) until 2010. That was the year when I stopped animating entirely so that I could partake in the long silence. As a result, virtually all of my prior work contains things made by others, be they music, artwork, or otherwise. They can still be found, just not here.

[2006-04-20?] Creature Lock Unlocked (299 KiB, auto-plays)
The entire premise of my brief stint in the Lock Legion was based on what would happen if an organic Lock character tried to unlock itself. This was the first result.
[2007-01-09] The Drexmas Council (35 KiB, silent)
A trio of mysterious antagonists watching in on the Disk Division.
[2007-04-29] Operation Bulimia (197 KiB, auto-plays)
A placeholder page for LollerCupcake Industries as I transitioned the website to something fresher and more usable.
[2007-05-27] OBEY Avatar Collection (177 KiB, silent)
A showcase of my hot, fresh new avatar images for forum use.
[2008-03-09] Video for New Recruits (59 KiB, auto-plays)
Information about the new website and what's on it.
[2008-06-24] Celebrating Excellence (7 KiB, silent)
Impure Creation became somewhat of an inside joke for me by being online for an entire year with absolutely no content on it, because I couldn't design a layout that I liked well enough to use.
[2008-07-13] Impure Intro No.5 (13 KiB, silent)
An intro with LollerCupcake's new design. It was more dramatic with the music, but I removed it for being under an incompatible CC license.
[2008-12-09] Impure 2.0 Intro (2 KiB, silent)
A quick intro animation showing off the redesigned logo.
[2008-09-28] Layout 8 Mockup (15 KiB, silent)
A vision of the website's future. It was superceded by this design.
[2009-01-24] November 2008 (927 KiB)
A timely re-enactment of an MSN Messenger conversation.
R.I.P. Socom Squad! That group was fuckin' awesome.
[2016-??-??] LollerCupcake's Worse Day (??? KiB)
My first animation in a long time.
[2017-??-??] January 2009 (??? KiB)
Holy shit, was that really eight years ago?
[2017-??-??] November 2008 Part Two (??? KiB)
More behind-the-scenes of the Socom Squad admins!
[2017-??-??] Unity and Fear (??? KiB)
The true causes behind the downfall of World Zerus.


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