New Shi Kayu (2014-07-28)

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The Teracity of New Shi Kayu is a virtual living space, meeting area, and recreation zone used by most Futarogu and Novians aboard Supercolony Karasu. It was established in SE 121, three cycles after the abrupt sundering of Shi Kayu, to commemorate the memory of the Futarogu's lost home planet. It also provides living quarters for Supercolony Karasu's crewmembers and citizens.

Aside from serving normal life functions, there are also six surrounding districts which contain massive libraries of Replayable Scenarios (interactive experiences which one can immerse themselves in at-will). These six areas are Cybernetica (science fiction), Retronica (cyberpunk), Fantastica (heroic fantasy), Mechanica (steampunk), Nefarica (historical fiction), and Forwardica (speculative fiction). There are also two more recent, unnamed additions for horror and terrestrial nostalgia. Together, these eight paths extending from an elliptical center somewhat resemble a large spider, and the overall structure was affectionately nicknamed the "Orb Weaver".

The main purpose of the teracity is to provide comfortable housing, which is achieved through the "Dynamic Doorway" system; upon approaching the entrance to any apartment building, the door is temporarily overwritten with one that leads to that person's dedicated living space. (Others may be invited in, or request entry to another's apartment with a "doorbell" system.) This personal area is completely modular and can be customized with whatever the dweller wishes, including all manner of different rooms, decoration, furniture, fixtures, appliances, electronics, food and drink, and one-way window views.


There is no otherworldy version of New Shi Kayu as the teracity is Wax Candle's respawn point. If a Karasu or Shi Kayuan citizen dies while in the Wax Candle, they will find themselves reincorporating in the city's center, as if they had just been transferred into the MASS.

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