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The CD5K Ultraverse is part of Allan's science fiction wiki project, The Future Universe. The short version is that CDFU is a computer simulation that exists aboard a Dyson shell within the Gulf of Rage.

The Future Universe

In a remote, war-torn region of space, Supercolony Karasu surrounds a red dwarf star called Onjin. It is home to two hermaphroditic species named the Futarogu. They've built a fantasy world inside their computer systems, which they use to forget their tragic reality.

They live in the Maro Yakana system, which now consists solely of Supercolony Karasu and Onjin. The Futarogu home planet, Shi Kayu, and the gas giant which it orbited, Hokori, were both destroyed in SE 116. They were infected with a prototype R'ta Qi'Nara terraforming agent known to them as the Gash - due to its visual resemblance to infected wounds. It seemed to exist only to convert terrestrial matter into more of itself, which continued exponentially until both planets broke apart.

In SE 512, the Futarogu found themselves visited by a lost Cradian starship. The Grand Opus was equipped with an experimental wormhole generation engine; the destination was miscalculated and the engine's stability overestimated. The vessel was heavily damaged during transit, but found itself appear near Karasu, where it was forced to land for repairs. The crew met with the Futarogu, and language translation efforts were undertaken.

512 became a lucky number in Futarogu culture due to the Cradian visitation; the fresh minds provided an influx of stories and ideas to be shared, as well as new perspectives on the older ones. A number of the Grand Opus's crew liked the Futarogu's MASSes so much, they opted to remain on Karasu instead of returning to their home-world of Cradle. They created the Zrani and Novian species as improved forms to exist as, and forged the immersive worlds of Te Ra and Novius to inhabit. Their experiences were had on planets with continuous timelines, instead of isolated scenarios deliberately created to be replayable. They were the new kings of the sandbox, and everyone was eager to see what would be created next.

The Culture War

MASSes form the bulk of the computer systems aboard Supercolony Karasu. Their ostensible purpose is the safe and contained emulation of biological processes for scientific research and manipulation. However, their actual use aboard the shell is as a fantasy retreat, allowing users to define and act out almost any scenario they would like to experience. This is possible via Fabrication technology, which allows users to be uploaded into the system and exist as data. Similarly, materials, food, and people can be created for use in the real world based on MASS data.

The MASSes originated during the Shi Kayu Culture War. As more of Shi Kayu became consumed by the Gash, a prototype R'ta Qi'Nara terraforming agent, Futarogu culture split into two major camps. The war started in SE 75 and was fought between Considerates, who wanted to study and repurpose the Gash; and Purgers, who believed it was an uncontrollable, incomprehensible entity that should be eliminated immediately.

The Purgers created MASSes in order to more quickly build counters to the Gash-based weapons development of the Considerates. It resulted in a swift and decisive victory after Dr. Edwin Kanzen put forth the idea to create a new species using the technology, and developed the Combat Futarogu. Compared to their Terrestrial counterparts, Combat Futarogu are more mobile, more agile, and able to swiftly kill even if unequipped, with their bone-blade arms. Prior to the creation of Combat Futarogu, MASSes saw some limited application as a method of rapidly healing injured fighters, as well as serving some stress-relief applications by creating a relaxation environment.

There was briefly a plan, known as Operation Sky High, to use the virtual reality aspect of MASSes to contain and confuse captured Considerate agents. The concept of using the systems as a mass shared fantasy stemmed from this idea after the war had ended in SE 77. Some of the first major developments in this area were made by one of Kanzen's colleagues, Iawa Terusa, who created World Zero and Planet Auric to demonstrate what could be done with the technology. Until he did so, most of the other survivors of the Culture War shared the opinion that the technology was an interesting curiosity, of little practical non-scientific use.

Following the destruction of Shi Kayu in SE 116, a MASS tribute to the planet was created: the megacity New Shi Kayu. Aside from providing housing, it also served as a cultural library by offering replayable, interactive, and highly immersive scenarios from both historical record and fictional works. The library metaphor was taken seriously by the Novians, who preferred the experience of continuous planets, but would record notable events for future revisitation.

The bulk of habitation and fantasy enactment activity exists within the MASS network known as Wax Candle. There are others, Guessing Game among them. However, they are largely reserved for special purposes, such as weapons research and development, perimeter watching, and infrastructure management.

Supercolony Karasu

Supercolony Karasu is a Dyson shell surrounding the red dwarf star Onjin. It is inhabited by the Futarogu, as well as some Novians.

Following the conclusion of the Culture War on Shi Kayu in SE 77, work began on a preparedness plan to evacuate the planet in the event that the effects of the Gash were irreversible. Utilizing the same fabrication technology used to bring Combat Futarogu into reality, bits and pieces of a Dyson shell were slowly assembled around the system's star.

In SE 116, the Gash had converted enough of the remaining natural planet to fracture and rip it apart. In an instant, the home planet of the Futarogu was gone - all that remained were their memories of it. The virtual megacity of New Shi Kayu was created as a memorial. Their other monument to survival was the station they all inhabited. A testament to collaboration, Supercolony Karasu harvests solar energy at full capacity in defiance of those who tried to destroy them.

The station itself is mostly utilitarian in design and layout; the majority of its space is dedicated to computing components to simulate the MASSes. Living quarters weren't a concern during construction for the same reason; better to have a virtual apartment loaded with whatever one desires, instead of a cramped bed closet surrounded by miles of steel. Aside from the occasional flight bay, air cycler, or quiet room, the majority of Supercolony Karasu has the same layout: wide corridors lined with computer terminals, with nearby restrooms, and fabricators for both small items (such as food/drink or tools) and entering/exiting a MASS.

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