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Auric is the home planet of the Aurian race. Some Futarogu also live there. Formerly a lush planet with dense vegetation, it was the site of the brutal and aptly-named Final War, which left it covered in pock-marks, battle scars, and mass graves.

Culture and History

Not much is known about the war or how it started. It was fought between the forces of a reigning king, Lord Aura, and General Barry. Heavy losses were suffered by both sides, but Lord Aura is considered to have won as he retained the control he had over the few subjects that remained. Following the war, Barry and his cohorts were exiled to the remaining space stations orbiting the planet, which had been converted from weapons platforms to prisons. They were later discovered by Group 3712, who inducted the General and his forces as Commissioner Zeta and Regiment 6.

For whichever reason, Aurians are the only military force openly feared by the Argossan Armada. It is rumored that they attempted to invade Auric during the Final War, and were defeated so swiftly that the initial force was completely wiped out by the time reinforcements arrived. The commanders overseeing the operation actually decided to cut their losses and leave. This event, rare enough on its own, is usually heretical, but was considered justified.


The otherworldly equivalent of Auric, known as Ferrous, is thought to have been somehow destroyed by Barry's forces at the start of the Final War. Prior to that, it was possible to channel druidic magic to heal and resurrect the dead. In actuality, communication between the two worlds is limited due to a raging superstorm, which was caused by fallen comrades discovering their latent magical abilities and continuing to fight.

DWB Note: This is currently the least-developed planet, as I can't think of anything to put here that wouldn't be a better fit for Tesepa or Clash. In-universe, all of Auric's historical records were destroyed (along with pretty much everything else) during the war, so feel free to make stuff up.

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