Spacefaring Societies (2014-07-31)

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The rare societies who call no (singular) planet their home.

The Android Nebular Armada
Born of the fusion of Construct and Unender technology, the ANA make their living on an inorganic mobile colony known as the Anandamide.
Previously just the race of the same name on Te Ri, Constructs were initially regarded as nothing more than a disorganized group of self-aware golems. However, they had long been developing technology in secret, as they yearned to escape their world and its bitter conflicts.

They incorporated the Sentient Creatures' Union into their ranks, including its star diplomat, Vincent Blackhearte. He put forth the notion to flee Te Ri upon the Omniscient's arrival.

The Construct colony ships - the Prophecy series - are highly integrated vessels, themselves Constructs, each of them with a personality formed from the combination of those of its inhabitants.

The Omniscient
Created as a "necessary evil" to protect Tesepa from further harm after the Technopanic, the Omniscient are a system-spanning group of trans-novinoid beings. Each member is augmented with a number of modular technological enhancements, including a minimum of one interchangable limb, an eyepiece, and a "telepathy" communication processor.

During their invasion of Alturiana, the remnants of Origin's Hiveling army that remained on the planet after the Endmech War, who had developed similar technologies, were welcomed into the fold.

- Group 3712
This division is among the Omniscient's most effective task forces. It is led by a council of six, known only to their subjects as Commissioners Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta.

Their base of operations is a converted landmass named the Torrential, which was formerly known as Clash's floating island, Great Batalia. The standing forces therein thus mostly consist of Batalians, Clashians, and Ravil, although some squadrons of Aurians started to appear since the induction of Commissioner Zeta.

-- The Kozen-Locksan Protectorate
A fully organic civilian populace still exists aboard the Torrential as the result of a peace agreement negotiated between key Batalian, Ravil, and Omniscient forces. They are ruled by Commissioner Delta, who declared himself king of the island even before it was converted into an Omniscient vessel. When needed, trained KLP operatives are called upon to serve as the stealth and infiltration arm of Group 3712.
Synonymous is a hiveminded "cooperative" that was originally created on Clash Alpha by Dr. Eidolon to defend his home planet from an Argossan invasion. It has a primary focus on biological augmentation and technological adaptation; the conversion process is referred to as "absorption".
- Manifold
Due to a routing error, a Synonymous cadre was placed into extended tactical isolation from the hivemind. By the time it was able to reconnect, some sense of its members' individual personalites had begun to reassert themselves. They had come to rely on that, as it presented new ways of considering the situations they endured.

The concept spread through the cooperative like a virus, re-igniting neural pathways that had long been buried, and reforming the single-minded group of cyborgs into an entity with many minds and viewpoints.

- Meganonymous
In response to the threat of the Unenders and Constructs unifying into a single armada, Manifold forces gathered their resources and created a supercolony of their own.
The Unenders
Hailing from an alternate timeline, the Unenders are fully robotic beings, each of which hosts the mapped memory patterns of a deceased individual - hence their name. Each Unender consists of a small, spider-like 'core' robot that can be installed in any larger robot body which grants the functionality needed for a given situation.

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