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Alturiana, formerly named Kefaru, is home to Elfs, Goblins, Naga, Novinoids, Torakin, and once, the Dragons and early Hivelings. (For clarification purposes, 'Elfs' usually refers to Prairie Elfs, whilst the kinder and more accepting Forest Elfs are considered honorary Novinoids.)

Geography and Distribution

The planet has one long, continuous continent in the shape of a U, with two clusters of islands in the center opening. There are ock-two countries, five of which are under the control of Elfs; these are Delusia, Talisia, Fatosa, Rothoxa, and Nifirna. (Nifirna was previously the domain of Dragons.) Gnosisa and Venrusa are where Goblins and Novinoids make their stay, and Irusa and Lozua are island chains under Naga control. There are also a series of islands on the outer edge of the continent; these are inhabited by Torakin and used primarily as trade hubs.

Delusia and Talisia cover a region that is large enough to transition from desert to prairie and back. Fatosa, mostly covered with desert, is the military stronghold of the Elfs, while Rothoxa is known for its religious fanatics. Nifirna, a mountainous area, was a perfect home for the Dragons, and also a natural barrier between the militant Elf societies and those they hated. Gnosisa is now the planet's arctic north, but was once just plains and valleys. Venrusa has always housed a large amount of mana, and is known for abnormally large plants and trees because of it. Irusa is a chain of large islands, while Lozua is mostly composed of small islands.

Culture and History

The world is said to have been gifted to three gods, to do with what they saw fit. The god of knowledge, Scientius, took control of the western portion of the continent. The goddess of instinct, Torak, made her home in the mountains and valleys of the north and northeast. The god of passion, Irus, claimed the world's islands and the continent's east for himself. Upon their chosen domains, Scientius created the Elfs to tame the deserts and the Novinoids to frolick in the forests; Torak created the Dragons, and later the Torakin; and Irus let the Naga roam the ocean, and set Goblins upon the land.

Scientius was far more personal than his divine counterparts, and the Elfs started to grow proud of being the choice people of the god of knowledge. Any destiny they could imagine became justified in their minds, and they became arrogant and hateful. Scientius would eventually betray the Elfs, giving their slaves the knowledge they needed to escape and hide, and claiming the far more reverent Goblins as his blessed kind. Irus was made jealous by having his creations claimed by another, but felt that he lacked true justification to punish the usurper. Then, the Elfs who remained set in their old ways declared a reign of Elfish superiority over the rest of the world. Torak was killed, and her new creations, the Torakin, found themselves the new servants of a 'superior' race. Irus, horrified at how the Prairie Elfs' actions, banished Scientius to Te Ra for creating an entire species of reprobates.

Venrusa's Academy of Magical Arts was a place for people from all cultures to join together in learning the secrets of their planet. Its campus was home to a unique sense of unity and brotherhood, despite the purposes that magic could serve for xenophobic societies. But this did not last; a lone warlock, seeking to carry out Scientius's final wish of obliterating Irus and his followers, destroyed the Academy with dark magic. He absorbed the campus's power, ascended to demigodhood, and declared that the planet would henceforth be named after himself.

Dragons, being shapeshifters, were considered untrustworthy spies and exterminated by the Elfs. However, the real threat was the Torakin; having learned of a secret operation to covertly sterilize their kind, most Torakin organized and joined Venrusan infiltration units. When they gained enough information, the united populace of Venrusa struck back against the Prairie Elf menace. This triggered a global war, which was abruptly derailed by an alien invasion. Alexander the Automatic, a robotic commander of an Argossan platoon, scoffed at the natives and swept their forces aside, forcing them to unite against him. The Retribution became the Endmech War.


This planet's afterlife has no set name, and is commonly referred to as the other side or the underworld. People who die lose all memories of their lives, and are reshaped into a form of their choosing. It is possible, with portal and teleportation abilities, to retrieve someone who died, but they will most likely not be recognizable, nor will they remember anything about who they were. Otherwise, it is cyclic; a dead person who 'dies' will be reincarnated in the living world as a newborn.

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