The Endmech War (2014-08-08)

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The Endmech War was fought between the forces of Alexander the Automatic, and the natives of Alturiana. Alexander and his forces interrupted an ongoing war between the native countries of Fatosa and Venrusa, causing them to reappropriate their defenses against his forces. Shadow Talon watched this unfold and decided the time was right to dispatch a team of Hivelings. They were to scout out the area, determine if it was right for capture, and gain the trust of the locals so that any future operations could be carried out easily.

However, Alexander's technology was superior. The native and Zerusian forces were easily wiped out. Alturianan civilization was completely destroyed, save for some hidden societies or those who remained useful to the invaders.

Alexander and his forces continued to reign over Alturiana until three mind-altering abominations were defeated. Deep drove the world into a bloodlust, turning the surface dwellers against Irus and his followers, while Rebound and Utopia stopped the residents of Venrusa and Rothoxa from acting rationally by inducing horrible nightmares and creating twisted demons out of their residents. After their downfall, Bliss regained control of the Enhanced Robotics Development Corps, and - with the help of some KLP operatives - put up an effective resistance against the mechanical dictator.

The natives were again defeated, but not before managing to destroy Alexander. With nobody left to subjugate, the remaining Argossan forces saw no point in staying on Alturiana and withdrew from the supposedly dead world.

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