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World Zerus was the first planet created within Wax Candle. It is the home of Origin and his creations, the Prolems, as well as Shadow Talon and his creations, the Hivelings.

Culture and History

The world began with (the Cupcake of) Origin, its god-king, who populated it with the diverse beings he drew in space, as well as places for them to live. He also formed LollerCupcake Industries, a global megacorporation to provide for the needs of his creations. The many factories and towers of LCI served as lookout points where he watched over his people.

As things got more complex, they also became more difficult to keep track of. Origin gathered his powers and created a demigod to assist him. Cupcake Junior was the result, but the spell was overcharged, and also created Mini Cupcake. With their help, he kept order over his dominion.

Origin eventually started to lose his grip on sanity. He became more and more withdrawn and reserved until something within him fractured. At that time, he created the castle of Misanthropia to live in, leaving the rest of his world to its own devices. It did not fare well without his guidance; the Prolems realized they were surrounded by other, strange cultures that they hated. They began to reshape themselves in their own images and split into many warring groups, such as the Time Team, Lock Force, and Gat Gang.

Origin and his remaining followers carried out attacks against the Zrani planets out of a misguided, desperate hope that they would find some way to restore order to their own world. After they were unsuccessful, Project CYBERDIE was started in retaliation. Origin suddenly found himself unable to implement any solution, even if he did manage to think of one. He went berserk and ejected a galaxy out of his mind, which did so much damage on its way out that Misanthropia was destroyed and his body was reduced to a dreaming shell. Cupcake Junior, who had been converted into Shadow Talon, vowed to take his revenge on the Zrani and find a way to return Origin to normal.


The Zerusian afterlife is known as the Shadow Realm(s). It is mainly identical to the living world, with two exceptions: a second diety, known as Life, oversees it instead of Origin; and the usual weather is overcast or raining, compared to the normal world's dry and sunny days.

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