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On Encrypted Media Extensions (12014-07-26)

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"...suddenly, what we'll have instead of this infinite variety of crap, is a finite amount of crap, and a finite amount of crap, is just crap. Whereas an infinite amount of crap, is hope." Hank Green

I am writing this page in response to the MPAA joining the W3C, meaning that this so-called "DRM in HTML5" proposal, Encrypted Media Extensions, is sure to become an actual standard. My thought is that we should stop acceding to the demands of technology-hostile organizations.

Even putting aside a colorful history of attempting to destroy every form of consumer recording device (until each thing proved useful to them), they completely misunderstand the purpose of the Web. These old media companies are convinced that internet is a broadcast medium, currently riddled with enemy forces (in the form of rogue distributors), and they seem intent on reigning it in and 'cauterizing the wound' of lost profit. That is an inaccurate vision. The Web is an empowering communications platform, and it is vital that there always be room for more unfiltered speech. In misguided attempts to get rid of the percieved 'infection', I fear that an unregainable amount of healthy flesh will be cut away.

The point I'm trying to make is, the systems that are already in place have been heavily abused by these control freaks. If Hollywood is going to take their ball and go home unless we cater to their whims, then fuck what they want! They don't deserve special priveleges just because they think they're the hottest shit on the market. Let them either be open just like all the rest of us, or retreat to the comfort of their locked gates where they cannot be seen or heard. There is no shortage of entertainment online, and the creators of some of it actually LIKE when people share (and even use) what they've made! Crazy, I know, but it is out there if you look for it.

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Bonus Quote

"Like our friends at Google, we fully support the adoption of broadband and the new and exciting opportunities it provides for consumers to enjoy movies, television programs and music."

And that, right there, explains why you're so far behind. You still don't realize what the internet is. It's a communication platform. It's not for consumers to just enjoy music, television programs and music. It's for them to communicate. You want to turn the internet into a broadcast medium when it's a communications medium.

The reason people share content online is because that's what the internet is for. To communicate - and communication is just a way of sharing information. Until you understand that simple fact, you're going to keep flailing.

Mike Masnick

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