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Bytemoth's Gob-Crashin' Swoop'n'Swap Spot (2022-11-09)

Bytemoth's Brook

(Welcome to my homepage / Enjoy your visit / and come back soon!)

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I am Digital Warlock Bytemoth, and this is my corner of the web! In contrast to CD5K, which is where I go full fiction, this extremely creamy stream is a constantly-refreshed catalog of my experiences and things I find useful. Dip your face in and feel refreshed.

The Brook can be thought of as something of a sequel to my earlier attempts at making homepages - the Highly Saucy Directory in 2014 and Perfectly Cooked Pages from 2016. Third time's the charm?

Stroll through the Webgarden for the latest updates.

The 32x32 icons appearing on this site were sourced from afactor's Iconolog 1.0 and Windows 98, then converted to PNG with BeCy Icon Grabber. Most other images were found on various archived Geocities sites and optimized.

While this site isn't explicitly smartphone compatible, due to being designed for sub-HD resolutions, it should look fine in landscape orientation. Though I would suggest instead, at bare minimum, using a tablet and mouse.

About Bytemoth
  • Updated 2022-11-03
  • Some insightful information on your wizardly webmaster.
    Personality Quizzes
  • Updated 2022-04-17
  • Interesting results from various quizzes scattered about the web.
    Web History: Weaving
  • Updated 2021-03-24
  • The things I've tried to do throughout my years of dropkicking HTML.
    Web History: Surfing
  • Updated 2021-03-24
  • My journey across the WWW that eventually led to us being here.
    Inside Jokes
  • Updated 2021-04-29
  • The origins of a few strange phrases I enjoy saying.

    Under Construction

    Webzones That Kick Ass 3.0
  • Updated 2022-11-09
  • Other sites that will greatly improve your life.
    Maximum Overhomepageage
  • Updated 2022-11-03
  • The finest hand-crafted corners of the web you'll ever see.
    Ways to Play
  • Updated 2022-09-21
  • How to have great times on PCs and consoles.
    Five Star Buys
  • Updated 2022-10-23
  • Absolutely necessary purchases for you to make in the near future.
    Essential Programs
  • Updated 2022-09-08
  • Free apps that your sorry computer is incomplete without.
    Zero-Bullshit Web Browsing
  • Updated 2022-11-08
  • How to lock your shit down and stay safe in this wild superocean.
    The Broadcasted Self
    Grab your popcorn and enjoy some quality YouTube content.
    Computer Comparison Chart
  • Updated 2022-11-02
  • How my main PCs from the past 15 years stack up to each other.
    Modern Systems
  • Updated 2022-10-22
  • The ass-taking, name-kicking custom PCs I've built.
    Classic Systems
  • Updated 2022-10-21
  • ..Then I got bored and put together some retro-gaming boxes!
    Pre-Built Systems
  • Updated 2022-09-21
  • ..and the fun doesn't stop there, but with some non-custom rigs.
    Dat Collection Tho
  • Updated 2022-10-01
  • A bunch of consoles and handhelds are also part of my recording setup.
    Beige Whales
  • Updated 2022-11-02
  • Stuff I haven't been able to find and don't really need, buuuut..

    Welcome to the waters of the Brook, where my writing flows. I hope that you will find my opinions refreshing, or at least, entertaining.

    (swimming turtle)

    Deeper Waters Under Construction

    A few topics that stretch deeper than the one-off articles below.

    #DWB does GPT
    My experiences making side cash with surveys, ad videos, and phone apps.
    Cameras and Pictures
    Digital photographs taken with older Cyber-shot cameras.
    N.E.O. Classical
    Experiments with older versions of web browsers.
    Dream Diary
    The crazy stuff that goes on in my unconscious mind.

    Lamentation Exiting Aggravated Pedants

    The obligatory personal rant section, wherein I'll verbally flatulate about not understanding why people insist on trying my patience by being different from me.


    Stuff about computers and the software on them.

    Thoughts on Web Design

    A few ideas on how to make the modern surfing experience more pleasant.

    Everything Else

    Random unfocused bits that don't fit into the other categories.

    [Cool Pets from Cybersurf Paradise]

    Updated 2021-04-22

    Link to the Brook!

    If you'd like to see more of my works, here's a list of the other websites I'm responsible for:

    Updated 2022-05-17

    Webring links have been removed from this mirror to prevent URL mismatching.

    [View Webrings on Main Site]

    Now is 2022-11-04

    Bytemoth is...


    ...for mental health reasons, strongly considering upgrading the "don't watch annoying shitheads" rule to a "don't watch videos about annoying shitheads" rule, thereby ignoring all political content.
    ...removing accounts, cartriges, and devices from his life that are unused or could otherwise be made redundant.


    Website Wednesdays
    ...uploading the progress made on CD5K, the Brook, and MothZone every week (approximately).
    Current task: Setting up a VPS to host CD5K.
    Expanding the Collection
    ...picking up XBOX/360, PS2-5, and Evercade games while they're still cheap, and softmodding or emulating everything else.


    Plundering the Archive(.org)
    ...gathering GIFs and scripts from Geocities homepages to give his sites an authentic 1997 aesthetic.
    Perusal progress: 320/951
    Securing Sysop Status
    ...repurposing spare computers for DOS gaming, as it turns out selfhosting is against his ISP's TOS.
    Current task: Researching MT32-Pi.
    ...catching up on webcomics, which he abruptly stopped reading in July 2015, to get some inspiration for his own stories.
    Recently binged: Gene Catlow (RIP)


    Making Cheddar? up on taking surveys, watching ads, and using cashback and passive sites to earn gift cards because it's too damn tedious.
    Current task: Purging and phasing out remaining auxiliary phone.
    Growing Lemons?
    ...gathering ideas and generating outlines for erotic writing projects.
    Hypothetical future lewdfic count: 324+
    ...sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing with all this equipment and software that could make reviews and playthroughs.
    Assembling PCs?
    ...waiting for DDR5 RAM, AM5 CPUs, and buyable GPUs before building his next gaming system.
    Current consideration: When everything abruptly drops Windows 7 support immediately after Electron does, might get a mini-PC and see if I can figure out SteamOS.

    But Bytemoth, what'd ya do today? (Updates every Sunday)



    [Opera 12]

    (Fake stat tracker)