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Z Is The Cure (12014-06-03)

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If you've read enough of this site, you know one of the things that really pisses me off is blind adherence to irrelevant traditions. One such thing I dislike is time zones, specifically when they decide to screw with my sleep cycle in the form of the useless observance of DST. DST makes no sense in a world of artificial light and electronic entertainment, and even less sense on a world-wide communication network.

While time zones may be needed in the physical world, our online experience is shared and continuous. The march of technology continues to redefine our lives and social landscapes, creating a less-divided community out of the world. I feel that we should shift toward simpler coordination and unambiguous time-stamping. Let our global network adopt the global time zone: UTC. May Zero be the cure for the Lost Hour.

The world only makes sense if you force it to. Help cleanse the internet of the filth of deunification by adding this command to your domain's root .htaccess file: php_value date.timezone UTC

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