I'm the Digital Warlock known as Bytemoth, and this is a website about me! It's also about the various ways you can spend all your time, attention, and money on me. Trust me, I'm worth it~.. But, seriously, here's what I do and where to find my other online presences.

Bytemoth Rocks at Fallback Content

You seem to have navigated here with a browser that supports TLS, but not CSS. A non-magician's website may very well fall apart under such circumstances, but this is a sorcerer's domain!

Additional sorcerer's domains include Bytemoth's Brook and MothZone 2009!

Bytemoth Rocks at Being Creative

I have many stories waiting to be shared with you.

Cybernetic Demise 5000 (2013--)
An open-source fictional ultraverse! In some lonely corner of space, a Dyson sphere has been constructed. The beings who inhabit this supercolony have loaded its computers with all manner of stories and simulations to live in. They wouldn't mind having your input, though.
It's The Flock! (2014-2017)
Strange things happen at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. But you don't have to tell Jack Ramirez that; he experienced them firsthand. Follow him through a winding journey of being ripped apart, put back together as a robotic owl, and finding love while trying to spare others from a similar fate.
Super Lemons (2022--)
Violent robots and warring demons are an overexplored path, I feel. Much more interesting to replace the bloodthirst with regular lust and see what kind of adventures can happen then!

If reading isn't your thing, Bytemoth rocks at making videos that you can watch in SD on VidLii, in HD on Twitch, or download from the Archive.

Bytemoth Rocks at Social Media

You can interact with me on the following platforms.
Tumblr: The neatest text, arts, pics, and vids I've seen online.
Neocities: See the latest updates to my website, and leave comments.
Fediverse: Decentralized microblogging with super interesting nerds.

On the instant messenger side of things, you can reach me through
Telnet: (pending) | Discord: perhaps

Bytemoth Rocks at Receiving Gifts

If you enjoy what I do and want to see more, I also accept bribes! Consider buying me something on Amazon or Steam. If recurring payments are more your style, options will be available soon.

I also have referral links for opening new accounts with Ting, VOIP.ms, and a few paying sites and apps.

Bytemoth's Rockin' Privacy Policy

Effective 2018-05-31

This is a static website that does not knowingly collect or store any information about its visitors. However, the information transmitted via HTTP request (including your IP address, browser User Agent, and referring URL) may be retained and analyzed by the hosting provider for security and improvement purposes.

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I'm the Digital Warlock known as Bytemoth, and this is a website about me! It's also about the various ways you can spend all your time, attention, and money on me. Trust me, I'm worth it~.. But, seriously, here's what I do and where to find my other online presences.

Speaking of which, I currently run the following homepages:
Bytemoth's Brook with some original writing,
and MothZone 2009, with more derivative content.


[Lemons] Super Lemons is my current hobby, a harvest of erotic fiction. Killer robots and violent monsters is an easy route to take. But what'd happen if the bloodlust was replaced with regular lust?

[Flock] It's The Flock! was a single*-storyline RP blog I ran for about three years to explore the mysteries and hypotheticals of the FNAF universe. Join Jack Ramirez, night guard turned cyborg, and his fluffy pals on their search for spooks and love.

[CD5K] Cybernetic Demise 5000 is an open-source original science-fantasy universe I've been working on since 2010. It began as a project to unite every fictional character and setting I'd created into a single canon, and soon took on a life of its own.


[VidLii] VidLii is a superb recreation of late-2000s YouTube, complete with five-star ratings, video responses, and all three of the previous channel layouts!

[Twitch] Twitch is a livestreaming platform; I'm sure you knew that. But were you aware that you can upload to it, too? I didn't, though.

[Archive] Archive is where you can grab a downloadable copy of any of my videos (among other things), if you prefer that method.


[Fediverse] Mastodon was where I did some microblogging. Join a bunch of other furry nerds on this federated social network, where they often chat about doing things with DOS PCs and why capitalism sucks.

[Neocities] Neocities is a great place to build a website, such as this one! If you have an account, feel free to follow me and drop a comment on my profile. If not, sign up and make yourself a homepage.

[Tumblr] Tumblr hosts my collection of the finest text, arts, and vids from all across the 'net.


[Discord] Discord is currently the most modern way to get into a live chat with me, which you can do by joining a server I'm in.

[Escargot] Escargot is a new service that revives the MSN and Windows Live Messenger programs of the 2000s. Grab your favorite version!

[BBS] I'm getting into the world of BBSing, and will let you know when my own board has been set up.


[Cash] Cash? Of course I accept it. Go ahead, hurl some directly at me! Email me gift cards! IDGAF, son, I'll take ya money. You've got Bitcoin? I no longer have a wallet! Use USD like the rest of us.

[Steam] Steam games are also great gifts! Add me and maybe we can play a few together. I'd say to join me in WoW but Blizzard banned me for changing my password!

[Amazon] Amazon is my online store of choice. Getting me something from my wishlist would be much appreciated.


Recurring payment options are still being set up.


[Ting] Ting is a low-cost, no-contract, post-paid mobile phone provider. Rather than plans, they offer service buckets, where what you pay is based on how much you use. Join now for $25 off on your first bill or phone purchase.

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