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How to support my disgusting habits, and keep CD5K alive.

So, you'd like to help out, hm? Well, firstly, thanks. I've thought of a few ways. Here they are.

Theories and Works

This is an open-source universe, and I'd like to see it expanded upon and added to. Any of your own theories, interpretations, and stories are welcome to join the existing base. Hell, download the site and make your own version - so long as the BY-SA license is upheld and everything is legal, I don't really care what you do with this content.

Then, show me what you've made! I can be reached via my Tumblr, or email if you have to ([REMOVED]). You're more than welcome to ask me about anything that's confusing you, or that you're simply curious about. It's possible that I've forgotten to explain a lot of things.

Fabulous Prizes

If you're looking to lighten your wallet and make my day, why not consider purchasing something for me off of my Amazon wishlist? It doesn't have to be something expensive.

Pay the bills

I'm going to look into setting up a Patreon fund to cover the costs of running this domain. Those aren't too great, but every bit helps.


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