School Was Boring Today (2007-10-22)

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A student's lament.

The endless words running off the page,
The alluring scent of burning incense,
The non-stop conversation in the back..
They all conspire against me as I struggle to listen to our assignment.
A paper airplane bounces off of the side of my head.
I find myself unable to keep my eyes open.

Cram the assignment down somebody elseís throat.
Give the homework to someone who cares.
I wonít do it, and you canít make me.
My dreams are calling, searching for me..
Itís time to let them know I still exist.
Itís time to let them know I still love them.
Return to me, my wonderful children..

Never did I think that I would be the one the teacher told to wake up.
Normally class is interesting and exciting, but not today.
Somethingís different. Somethingís.. changed.

Save me, O glorious bell.
Save me from this torment so that I may live to tell the tale.


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