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This morning I missed the bus due to not knowing when it arrives at [REDACTED]. Thankfully, Bible Study ended at 7:25 this morning, and my Aunt was able to get me here on time. I played through the Quake II trilogy this weekend, and came to the conclusion that id Software has not improved their gameplay since Wolfenstein 3D; kill these guys, find a key to unlock that door, backtrack to said door, rinse, repeat. This kind of reused mechanic got old really fast, but I wasn't able to stop playing until the end. I realize that id Software's games are revolutionary for the time they're released, but must they keep relying on such washed-up gameplay? I've also done some more brainstorming for the future layout of impurecreation.com.

The bus situation has been cleared up. It seemed that time passed me by last night; I looked up and it was already 8 PM. I really should start writing down my game scene ideas, as I tend to forget things easily. Better to write these things down then let them infest my mind. In other news, I have reviewed my notes for my original design concept for the non-existent website tehlo.ws, and am considering revising it for use on impurecreation.com. To be honest, I'll be surprised if I ever get around to actually coding one, as I am extremely indecisive on what type of layout I should use. I suppose I should review the content I am going to put on the site and make a layout based on that information.

Additional thinking led me to the conclusion that I should implement thelo.ws into Impure Creation as tehlows.impurecreation.com. This way, I can keep track of ‘teh funnies' in a more organized manner. My mom e-mailed me last night, and informed me that she has been trying to get a hold of me, without much success. She has become house-bound, as her back condition has worsened. My sympathy extends to her. I was able to call my dad this morning. Same old story, as usual. (He has to keep working until it either becomes so bad he is forced to quit for the sake of his health, or until the project is finished, before he can come to Texas, but he would really love to simply drop everything and drive down here to be with us.) In other news, socomsquad.newgrounds.com is approaching 100 flashes, and a collaboration is being produced to celebrate this once-unreachable feat.

GOOD MORNINGS (FOUR OF THEM TO BE EXACT) AND WELCOME TO THE FRIDAY. For my game series, I have revised continuity and the release order of the games. Other than that and the idea for a content delivery system, there have been no recent developments. Last night consisted mostly of browsing Pure Pwnage before my internet access was cut off. The socomsquad account now has 99 flashes, so the others better hurry up with their parts.

The Insane Jester's Happy Hour

Absolutely zero was accomplished this weekend, which seemed to pass me by at high speeds with extended middle fingers. Okay, I'm here, and now I'm leaving. Thanks for the food. I've decided that if I ever write an autobiography, I will call it Corporate America made me Fat and I said 'Thank You': The [REDACTED] Story because a title like that contains at least twelve fluid ounces (12 FL OZ) of truth.
Once again I find myself searching through previously created website layouts for the solution to impurecreation.com. In other news, I spent 2.5 hours and $260 at Wal-Mart yesterday. It was worth it, as the juice was MIGHTILY DELICIOUS.

2007-09-11 - Library

We really need somebody to drop a fundingbomb on this school so it can afford stable air conditioners. Speaking of this school, things seem to be moving very slowly here. Perhaps I'm just used to the chaos of RUHS. More development on my game series has lead to too many thoughts running around in my head, causing a lack of being tired. My aim for the series is to create groundbreaking games that run on technology that combines practicality and performance. Quite a lofty goal, but I believe it can be achieved if I find some dedicated staff who are capable of shaping my vision. The SABA (Socomlavia Administrative Broadcasting Association) has been hatched from the deep crevices of my mind, and I look forward to making animations featuring it.

Newgrounds.com reached 400,000 submissions this morning. As usual, I missed it, but I was able to submit my SABA flash as #399965 before I went to bed last night. I really hate keyboards with tiny backspace keys, such as this one, because I keep hitting the \ key when trying to erase something. I am beginning to create multiple storylines for my game series in an attempt to give the games some replay value. While this promises to be a daunting task, much like the game's creation, it can be done if I find the right people. In other news, the administration misread my immunization records and sent me to the doctor's office for shots I didn't need. Perhaps a viable explanation is that whoever noticed 1996 while overlooking the 2003 next to it was rushing to get everything done. The office seems severely understaffed as of late.

It's finally Friday. I missed the bus this morning due to it being 30 minutes late. The event calendar on socomsquids.net has crashed, leaving an empty square where the Today's Event box used to be. Hopefully the announced socomsquids.net v3 will be completed soon. For some reason, I am unable to bring myself to work on my game series development at home, but I should be able to jot it most of it down during my free time here at school.

I finally started to work on a layout for impurecreation.com in Flash this Saturday, along with the ImpureVideo Domination Player. With any luck, the website will be completed by the end of the month. However, knowing me, this isn't likely. In addition to the SABA and FFBC, GATS (Glock Animation and Television Services) has escaped from my mind into the warm, welcoming world of Flash.
Work continues on the game series. So far I have jotted down descriptions of 7 chapters of the fifth game in the series.

Thought of and wrote an ode to life last night. Second only to the Lunchtime Anthem, it is one of the few songs I've written that took an extremely short time to think of and complete. In an attempt to be more specific, I am breaking down what game chapters I have into detailed descriptions of all maps involved. Yesterday got away from me while I experienced unsafe drops in my blood sugar level. Hopefully I will be able to get something done this afternoon.

2007-09-19 - Absent

2007-09-20 - Wild Orthodontist appears! Command?
I got to sleep in until 8 AM yesterday due to a surprise orthodontist appointment. After my braces were adjusted, Pegi and I went to eat lunch at the City Grille, which I believe is named so because it is just outside of Livingston's City Limits. They have the best burgers I've ever tasted. I might revive my Kirby fan-character if I'm unable to make progress with my story or game series. The website nears completion; all that remains is to make it into separate images, code it, and do some further debugging on the Domination Player.

2007-09-21 – We're going to need wider hallways.
I've noticed that I've been playing Quake II and its mission packs a lot as of late. While the gameplay could bore even the most seasoned of FPS veterans, the game itself has a certain nostalgic charm to it, as do most games which appeared during the Nintendo 64 era. Once again I have thought of alternate layouts for impurecreation.com. Though I have considered reviving the super 1337 Glock Group animation team, enough people have already run that group into the ground with too many revivals, so I'll just stick with the FFBC. Regarding impurecreation.com, I wonder if I should learn how to code PHP-powered forum software for use as a backend for automatic updates and what have you. I might have to, since there is no open-source forum software that I know of that would ever replicate my idea of what I would need to want to integrate website and forum. Here comes a storm of good ideas. I'll write way too much and then thin the list down over time until I have a refined and organized idea that would work.

Once again, the weekend has performed a flip-by. In addition to terrible time-management and scheduling, I got zero sleep last night. I'm a zombie. I have decided to scrap the ImpureBB idea, as neat as creating it would be, because such a project is beyond my reach. In addition to a new layout, I have decided to create a custom CMS that features file uploading, instead of a full-fledged forum.
The way it would work is new pages would be filed in a respective category. The index page of said category would list links to the posted articles in chronological order, from most recent down to oldest. I will also code a category creation system and find a way to implement subcategories. This will be done entirely in PHP, hopefully without many errors in implementation and testing.

2007-09-25 – SITUATION: AWESOME.
The ImpureCMS project has begun. I will develop it for use with my new “Page of Corruption” layout, but perhaps I will be able to create a piece of open-source software that others can use in addition to myself. I was able to get sleep last night, so I am no longer a zombie. Hooray. I can't seem to bring myself to work on anything that I would otherwise be doing at home, such as my game series, but have made the choice to go into further detail on the fifth game in the series.

I think I ate too much last night. We, as in the entire staff roster of [REDACTED] Livingston and I, went to Pueblo Viejo to celebrate Josiah's birthday. Their Fajita Meat Burrito is awesome, but the Chicken Fingers meal I ate nearly an hour later was a stupid decision, and the rest of that Hershey's bar? Delicious, but dumb. Most of the conversation on the way to the restaurant consisted of the Civil War, and, since we were riding in a '52 Chevy, brake mechanisms, and fun but reckless things you can do when equipped with certain brake mechanisms, such as locking the back wheels and strafing a pole. Jeremiah told me that if I ever wanted a dangerous ride to school, he'd be glad to give me one. I seriously think [REDACTED] should be renamed to The Ministry of Good Times (and Better Days to Come)

2007-09-27 – There's Frosted Flakes all over the floOH MY GOD!
I got a few layouts from The Design World. Hopefully they can help me create one for the Socom Squad, and if not, whatever miscellaneous project that pops up. I have done some reminiscing on the Playstation 1 and the games I had before its mysterious disappearance. Ape Escape, Croc, Crash Bandicoot 1 and 2, the Spyro trilogy, Tomba, and the demo disc games, in particular. I am also able to recall the Playstation Underground. Good times. It is rather unfortunate that I don't remember what I did with my PS1, because it was in good working order, and I'd like to play some of those games again.

2007-09-28 – WE THE FOUNDERS of this Confederacy of Socomsquiddia...
I have got to find and transfer to a district that won't start doing backflips because a student has facial stubble. HE'S GOT INDIVIDUALITY! QUICKLY! ARREST HIM! D-HALL! I got nothing done last night, but I was able to compile a If we were the United States we'd totally look like this map for the Socom Squad. I believe the ImpureCMS project has a shot at success, unlike my previous layout mockup. But it is Friday. Maybe I'll be able to do something productive between the hours of 6AM and 4PM during the next few days. Perhaps I'll even use a razor that can actually cut. =O



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