Lord Null (1/4) (2009-09-16)

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The art fight that introduced him.


Lord Null in The Test

One fine day in late 2009, on the MSPA forums, a multi-user art battle known as The Test was created. Any willing participant could partake by entering a character with unique abilities and appearance. I had the idea for a sorcerer who cast spells by typing in six-letter code words, and decided to jump in after an argument about what was and wasn't canon had cropped up.

These images all have a white background, so these pages will be presented against a gray background to reduce eye strain.

"No! We've discussed this! That is non-canon!"
Lord Null stands ready to light the Non-Cannon
"What's that? You want me to fire the non-cannon at him?"

This was intended to be a one-off post, but one of the arguers responded by just walking up and lighting the fuse.

"That's it. I've had enough of this. Gimme that."
Lord Null presents some papers as another 
character lights the cannon.
"...That wasn't in the script, you know."

[Part Two]


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