Permanence (2012-08-23)

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A rough draft of LollerCupcake's Worse Day.

Impure Creation Entertainment presents
The Socom Squad is coming back...
Permanence [LollerCupcake Industries]
...and I'm inviting you again.
fade in to a conversation between r0ms and lollercupcake

[2009-04-23 06:21]
Rasp already did.
And you're not interested?
No, not really
r0ms pauses with dejection for a moment
Well, I miss you. So does Mushroom.
Mushroom can go fuck himself.
Why? Why do you hate him?
You keep saying that he's improved, but from where I stand,
 he's still the same jibbering idiot he was two years ago.

He only acts like that when you're around because you hate him.
And I only hate him because he acts like that. So, isn't that some shit?
Well, he talks to me like a normal person. And we've discussed how much fun '07 and early '08 were.. We really miss those days, man.
So do I.. but animation is not where my interests currently lie.
C'mon, man, it's.. It's the fuckin' Socom Squad, you don't have to make anything, just.. It'll be good for morale if all the original admins are there. Doing shit wasn't the point anyway, the community was always the fun part.
I'm sorry.. Maybe you're able to recreate that enthusiasm, that.. magic, but I just don't have it in me anymore.
..Then I guess this is where we part ways.
I guess it is.

Pineapple looks up at Splatter.
[2012-01-24 12:29]
Are you okay?
Yeah. I was just thinking about Blackberry.
 ..You know, I haven't seen him at all since Glockday three years ago..
 I remember he asked me to read some story called Ruby Quest.
 I'm not worried or anything, but.. I just wonder what's happened to him.

cut to lollercupcake using some form of magic to examine lollercupcakejunior
Is something wrong?
[2009-07-19 05:32]
The manacrystalline structure's already unraveling..
I knew ChibiCupcake was an accidental formation, but now it looks like he could be a splinter organism containing parts of vital systems, thus rendering you incomplete.. I created you to have someone to pass my name and legacy on to, but now it seems that I'll live longer than you will.

junior searches for words as lollercupcake pauses to think
..Are you able to sense the planet's energy field?
Do you mean the world's glow, that whispers to me in my dreams?
Yes! Good, okay.. That gives us an option.. Now, this is hardly an ideal solution, but we may be able to summon a host creature from the shadow realms, and if you allow your power to consume you during the summoning, your memories and experience should transfer to the creature.

[5012-08-22 19:59]
You seem displeased.
lollercupcake's eyes come into focus. the chosha is sitting with him.
It's.. I have everything I could ever want here, but it's somehow not enough.
letzen's eyes go out of focus
Ah, Origin.
Yes. I wish I could somehow command him to stop, or at least.. ask him why he's doing all this.
letzen's eyes come back into focus and he looks directly at lollercupcake
It's becuase he's angry.
lollercupcake perks up and looks at letzen, awaiting explanation
He thinks that when New Content emerged, it stole something, and rendered you a husk. It's an act of revenge and love. He believes that by filling the gaps in your consciousness with ideas formed by others, you will be resurrected.
If only I could speak with him again.. but if not, I am content here, it's just that there's a sense of separation and I cannot derive satisfaction from any of it.
But, you are content?
the chosha nods and leaves.


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