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The words and phrases I've added to my vernacular over the years. Learn what they mean and how they originated.

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0: Gut-bomb
My mom's nickname for food from drive-through restaurants.
1: Ass-cannon
A fart so forceful and loud, that upon expelling it one is confused about if they have just shotgun-blasted crap into their pants.
2: Big Potatoes
My biology teacher's nickname for any person or item of mass importance or interest.
3: The Intellivision Approach
A mindset of enforced minimalism named after my Generation 2 console of choice. Back then, the hardware couldn't do much in terms of graphics and sound, so (I imagine that) most of the development cycle of a quality game was focused on making sure it played right.
4: Twice.
"I have played, and beaten, every single indie game out there. Twice. Twice, and let me tell you: they're all crap. Every single one of them."
- Ty Dauster
5: bcux u gay lol!!1
I posted this in reply to another user responding to a list I had made with, How is the end a step? It quickly proliferated into the de-facto response to any stupid and obvious question.
6: {ate|eat|eating} brunch
A set of word filters for left, leave, and leaving. Our members had a habit of dramatically quitting the group for two days tops in response to my authoritarian moderation practices. Pineapple then realized that nobody ever successfully leaves the Socom Squad, but they merely step outside for a bit to enjoy some delicious brunch.
7: tomato sandwich
Nobody in the Socom Squad ever makes animations; they merely assemble delicious tomato sandwiches, to eat for brunch! (This was acutally a refinement of a word filter that AngryFace implemented, which was "whip the tomatoes please".)
8: Iancer
There's this one guy who replies to topics with inane jabber as if he needs to do so in order to breathe. For whatever absurd reason, he either regards the forums as some sort of arcade game, or regards himself as extremely witty and topical. Other users' posts abruptly decay into terrible jokes and forced memes because they think they deserve a higher post count than that dipshit. This mindset spreads rapidly and can kill forums if left unchecked. Do not tolerate it.
9: To Be Totally Extreme All The Time Forever
Beartato's New Year's resolution for 2009, which I have since adopted as my mission in life.



Sometimes, things stop being fundamental laws of the universe and start to become the reason behind everything bad that's ever happened to you. Pokecapn and friends used physics as their scapegoat in their Let's Play of Sonic 2006, and I have gravity to blame for always making me drop stuff. Gravity even tried to kill me by making me fall down a staircase.
1: White Football on Long
How a sleep-deprived me once pronounced "footlong meatball on white" while attempting to order a sandwich, followed by immediately bursting into laughter due to how ridiculous it sounded.
2: Almost as big as my penis.
A stock retort whipped out when discussing such unreasonably large objects as graphics cards, assault rifles, charity fundraisers, and houses.
3: Reptilian Space Illuminati (secretly controlling the Federal Reserve)
The type of conspiracy hypotheses which are so utterly incomprehensible, ridiculous, and far-reaching that, upon describing them, it will sound as if you had just made it up on the spot.
4: HUGE.
I am not a "big guy". I'm fucking enormous, and don't you EVER forget that. Thin may be in, but fat is where it's at!
5: Vely Intulesting
A deliberate mispronunciation of "very interesting". I don't remember where it came from, but I can't stop saying it.
6: ...How dare you.
It comes from one of JonTron's videos, but I don't remember which. It's said in response to a minor offense; the hyperbolic nature of this reaction infuses it with humor.
7: Years of Practice
This doubles as the answer to how I am able to eat so much more than other people, and as the nickname for my stomach.


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