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The false starts of a website that never made it to the live web.

After the fall of Impure Creation, I decided to change my online handle from LollerCupcake to Bytemoth, based on a logo I first drew on 2009-02-26. (The "Digital Warlock" title was invented later.) I started to whip up websites portraying what new forms my web-facing presentations might take. (If you just want to flip through them, they're all listed again at the bottom.)

Intending for my future online efforts to be completely original, I stopped worrying so much about copyright and liability, and writing TOSes addressing them. My next obsession was government censorship of the internet, and making a convincing "Blocked" page that would fake people out and raise concern for the future of free speech.


This first page imagined a dystopian era of rule under technologically clueless right-wing politicians. It then launched into a series of pages with the aesthetic of an MS-DOS software installation program, complete with the entire EGA color palette, for some reason.

The next intro page outlined the website's rules and requirements, as well as requiring JavaScript to be enabled to proceed, even though I wouldn't have ever coded anything that needed it.

I also envisioned an update blog at a seperate domain name. I don't remember why I thought doing that would be a good idea.

The Striped Shield

Regardless, the two-domain concept was soon scrapped in favor of more fake zealous oversight and censorship. For maximum succeess, I also threw in a sweet logo, some vague threats, and a verification process that required JavaScript to be enabled. But, a real-world notice wouldn't look like this.

The Striped Shield

It had to be reduced further; vaguer threats, less information, and stupid diagonal text in the background, like actual takedown notices have. Also, make it sound like free information was a disease - this domain hadn't been taken down; it was in quarantine, for safety reasons.

BPCS Rating System

In the meantime, all those games I would totally get off my hairy ass and actually make would need a nice rating system to be classified under. I threw together a four-category thing based on helping me calculate the minimum recommended age that a person should be before seeing any of the branded work's content.

Proganomics: The Proforce

Originally created as a set of frequent retorts to phrases said by my cousins during online deathmatch games, Our Church is Sandwiches was formed based on the Sacred Laws of Proganomics. This set of simple rules provided the basis for the mock-experts known as [PROS]. I had the name of my next website.

That concludes a look back at my attempts to make the Bytemoth Network. I did have other plans, readable here, but these are the few pages that I actually bothered to make before moving on to a new idea.

Say My Name

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