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Plans for the ultimate website, which would host the ultimate fiction project, until I changed the name again.

This website never exited the planning phase; I jumped straight to making WaxVerse based on those plans. I only ever coded two actual pages, which are an IE<8 blocking test, and a fakeout censorship page that displays a different message if the user has Javascript disabled. That's all the actual HTML I did; the rest of this is from notes files.

A quick note: the filenames begin with nw_ (New Website) to differentiate them from the Clan PROS planning files, which began with www_.

Cybernetic Demise Voluntary Rating and Summary
Revision 0, 43D16:2009 (2011-10-28 20:09Z)

CDVRS	Language	Sexuality	Violence
.0	Silent		N/A		Peaceful
.1 (4)	Inoffensive	Clean		Injury
.2 (7)	Coded Speech	Tame		Dismemberment
.3 (11)	Expletives	Revealing	Blood
.4 (14)	Insensitive	Implied		Suffering
.5 (18)	Vulgar		Explicit	Gore
.6 (21)	Heated		Smut		Mutilation

This is, essentially, the next iteration of PAFCRAS. I dropped this system when I switched to WaxVerse to reduce hassle; easier to just not worry about children and ask that only adults visit my site.

I was still using a non-standard date format, but this one was based on the Tranquility Calendar instead of being something I made up entirely. I eventually opted to use a similar system only for in-universe dates while sticking to ISO 8601 for all real-world references.


.ndh for ssi, .htf for template pieces

.cb0-F, .cf0-F for CGA text colors (8bg, 8bg+blink, 16fg)
sup { vertical-align:text-top; }
sub { vertical-align:text-bottom; }
div.hbl>a, a.hbl, div#lb>a, div#li>a { display:inline-block; }
0#000 1#00a 2#0a0 3#0aa 4#a00 5#a0a 6#a50 7#aaa
8#555 9#55f a#5f5 b#5ff c#f55 d#f5f e#ff5 f#fff

vids!main will be a linkthrough page, with a link to the youtube channel, and lists of its videos in alphabetical order (A-Z), chronological order (oldest-newest), and in their respective groups (lets plays, vlogs, cdfu), as well as a list of people I watch and my favorite videos.

NDH was an HTML4 rebranding of HMX1, and was later changed to WAXML/WaxSSI. Also suggested is the use of .htf (HyperText Fragment) for partial files. In the next few lines, the beginnings of HyperCGA take form, including the default 16 EGA colors, and Have Block Link divs.

Aside from not having a YouTube channel, the plan for the videos index is largely the same as the reality.

absolute originality (cddox!meta.aop.ndh)

All works are derivative. However, until the big industries come to their senses and realize this, I am compelled to employ the following lawsuit-aversion tactics known to me as the Absolute Originality Principles:
A. You Are Not Here - Must not mention existing locations/events/people.
B. Trademark Lawyer Paranoia - Must not incorporate or parody existing brands.
C. Dissimilarity - Must make content unique enough to be legally distinct.

The blurb above is a prototype of one of the sections that currently appears on the Ideology page. I was also going to have the site's main page be a fake censorship notice (different to the one linked at the top), but it would also display the actual link to the site if JavaScript was disabled:

451 Domain Blocked (/index.html)

<!-- -->

SERID-29: ERROR 200 - Authentication failed or interrupted - Check status of plugins.

Access to this website has been restricted in your location (GLOBAL). A full investigation is currently pending or underway. Your attempt to access this site has been logged and might yield further consequences.

CD5K.COM ("Cybernetic Demise 5000"; UNCATEGORIZED)
Operations halted 21/05/12
Authorized By: North American Copyright Defense Alliance
Assigned To: United States Communications Security Commission
Priority: Low-Medium

Collaborations of any sort organized without an active Assembly License are a serious offense under the Limits of Expression Act. (2424.08)

Devaulating or detracting from intellectual property is a serious offense under the Protection of Prior Innovation Act. (1495.23)

Displaying non-factual material which is not clearly marked as such is a serious offense under the Truth in Media Act. (7021.48)

Integrated Content Management was unable to render. Check status of plugins.

Emergency Decompressor

to unleash

WARNING: Activating this sequence may induce hyperawareness
in certain subroutines of active programs. Report any glitches
or irregularities to your systems administrator.

This message generated by Web Authorizer 5L. This software is designed to keep you and your family safe and secure on the internet by filtering out all harmful, unsavory, and unofficial content.

The actual index page had a brief explanation of the site, as well as links to an FAQ page, a history page, and my personal section, followed by a monthly update list similar to the one I use now. There was also to be a whole array of esoteric custom error messages:

Cybernetic Demise Error Reference
HTTP Error		CDER Page
401 Unauthorized	C41 Authentication Failure
403 Forbidden		000 Nonexistent Materials
404 Not Found		C44 No Such Thing
410 Gone		512 Document Sacrificed
500 Server Error	481 Disk Read Error
503 Service Unavailable	482 Perforation-Related Downtime
Browsing with IE < 8.0	1E6 Unacceptable Software

C41	You have failed to input the correct passcode.
000	You have attempted to access a file which
	 most certainly does not exist.
C44	You have requested a file which does not exist.
512	You have requested a file which no longer exists 
	 because it was sacrificed to the Meta-Deacon.
481	The server has experienced a temporary error.
	 Please eject and reinsert the disk and try again.
482	Somebody shot the server with a 12-gauge.
	 It is currently offline for repairs.

Aside from the default layout template, there's also a tidbit about keyboard shifting to deliberately confuse anyone who finds a secret page:

Awxewr Sixynwbra Ubswz
AWXEWR is equivalent to the DRVTRY idea from Clan Pros.
 Gu, fyta! U qeirw gusswb xibrwbr ai U xiyks gusw ur! Qwvaurw xisubf!
 Biq ret ri dubs rgw ewar id iye gusswb sixynwbra! Fi ib, hyar ret ur!
(Hi, guys! I wrote hidden content so I could hide it! Website coding!
 Now try to find the rest of our hidden documents! Go on, just try it!)
   The file "/dev/sda8/cd5k0003/docexchg/articles.db/awxewr/index"
   is stored in a read-protected subset of Fiscal Memory.

And, finally, we close with the default layout's footer, which was completely phased out for brevity's sake:


CD5K contains minimal images, no javascript, no frames, and no commercial advertising. It is a 5000% original next-level textual assault which has beeen genetically engineered (with the use of programming obtained from the future) to be as amazing as possible without inducing spontaneous combustion.

This website's content is made available as-is and subject to change or removal at any time. You browse at your own risk and discretion. May contain mature or adult content which some users may find unsuitable; a legend of the color coding of links is available in the "CDVRS Ratings" page. The copyright status of parts of this website vary. See the "Copyright/Licensing" page linked below for more information.

CD5K recommends the Opera web browser at 1024x768 or higher with 16-bit color.

There is a section of Leftovers and Letterheads dedicated to ASCII clan tag/logo banners for Cybernetic Demise.


Unless stated otherwise, this work is available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Copyright 2016 Bytemoth - CC BY-SA 4.0 -

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