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As much as I like to pretend I did, this project was not forged by my hand alone. The following works have greatly contributed to my efforts. Their inspiration is much appreciated. Check them out!

The Future Universe
A science fiction repository created by Allan and Wasson. TFU is WU's true reality, with all of the Ultraverse taking place within the computer simulations of a Dyson shell on the outskirts of R'ta Qi'Nara space.
Open Source Super Heroes
A great source of free-to-use characters for comic books and such. Most of them are under an identical license consisting of a single mandatory paragraph stating that the character - as it was created by the original author - may be used by anyone.
SCP Foundation
The leaked documents of a secret research bureau tracking and containing supernatural entities. They were the inspiration for the post-apocalyptic world of Te Ra. A Zrani counterpart known as the AOSCP operates there.

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