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Te Ra is the home world of the Zrani. Prior to the creation of Novius, it was Wax Candle's "mundane life" setting, but fantastic elements slowly creeped in.

Culture and History

This planet basically exists as a stand-in for Cradle, except in the past, and will therefore rhyme with and echo that history. Unlike Novius, however, there are some key differences. Prime among them is the existence of the paranormal and supernatural, which the AOSCP was created to deal with and attempt to supress.

Most of society collapsed after the sudden arrival of the Sleeping Devil, who near-constantly spawned hostile and deadly creatures. The AOSCP wasn't able to keep up, and failed in its mission of containment. Due to that, one of the planet's major religions is praying to the comatose diety in an attempt to calm Him.

It took a long time, but the planet eventually recovered, and life moved on. Previous scientific undertakings were discovered and resumed. The Zrani have now established colonies throughout their entire system of 7 planets. Each features a highly intertwined, very futuristic society.


The realm of the dead on Te Ra essentially consists of the stereotypical depiction of Hell; fire and brimstone, demons and skeletons.

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