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LollerCupcake's Worse Day (in progress)

A tale of events on World Zerus, told in the form of a three-part series of flashbacks. Like my earlier November 2008, this flash was based on an MSN conversation between PineappleSocom (AKA r0ms) and myself. It was expanded to include the conversion of LollerCupcakeJunior and ChibiCupcake into the maligned Shadow Talon.

The name is a play on that of an early Glock Group flash of mine, LollerCupcake's Bad Day, and the four locations in the introduction sequence are scenes from earlier intros, namely the "Watchtower" and "Newgrounds Cemetery" from my Glock flashes, in addition to the the LollerCupcake Industries Blast Doors and Hall of Screens from my Soviet Socoms template.

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