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The races of the Ultraverse are unlike us in a number of ways, which will be listed here for quick reference. Note that "novinoids" is simply a replacement word for "humanoids"; All sapient bipedal species of WU are based on Novians, a hybrid of Cradians and Futarogu. This only excludes the Zrani, a prototype version of Novians. Both were designed by biologist Andrea Letzen as a perfected form to inhabit simply because it was possible.


Novinoids have an accelerated infancy and childhood, growing and learning rapidly. They enter puberty six cycles after hatching and are considered sexually mature at 11, and adults at 14. All standard-lived novinoid races have ideal maximum lifespans of 120 to 200 cycles.

Also, remember that novinoids only have three fingers per hand; we're using Base Eight, not decimal. The above numbers are not eleven, fourteen, one hundred and twenty, and two hundred, but rather ock-one, ock-four, stack and two ock, and two stack.


All Ultraverse species have three-digit limbs, digitigrade legs, and protractible claws. A common feature across most species is a large tail, comparable in length to the legs, which ends in a pod sealed by three grasping flaps. Within the tail pod is the end of the digestive system.


Further sexual characteristics are noted on the Breast/Penis Average Chart (NSFW).

All Ultraverse species are egg-laying. They lay their egg(s) at the start of the spring season and are fertile for up to a month prior. Due to not giving live birth, they do not have navels, nor do females menstruate. Their eggs often have long gestation periods; up to a full cycle, but the young will be highly precocial and mobile upon hatching.


As culture will vary on a per-planet basis, this section only briefly covers the differences Cradians have from Futarogu and Novians.

Being a hermaphroditic species, Futarogu society was able to bypass some of the stumbling blocks of Cradian social evolution, such as prudishness, sexism, and gender equality. They are also highly unified due to sharing a single, open culture within the MASSes. As they are effectively ageless, most Futarogu have a relaxed view of the concept of time.

Due to the biological differences, both Futarogu and Novians are unaware of some aspects of Cradian life, such as hair care. They also have no concept of toilet paper; standard procedure is to wash one's tail pod in the sink. They have fewer, carnivorous teeth, which has reduced both their palate and the importance of dentistry. They have snouts and optimized eyes which give them comparatively better vision and smell. However, their hearing and sense of taste are comparitively worse.

Ultraverse races have more relaxed attitudes regarding sex due to being egg-layers and having a brief, consistent fertilization period.

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