Planet Argossa Prime (2014-07-31)

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Argossa Prime is the home planet and primary colony of the space-faring race of conquerors known as the Argossan Armada. It was also a home to the Chaoslings while they shared a symbiotic relationship with the Argossans. The planet is mostly composed of interlinked megacities that share a homogenized, militaristic culture that glorifies the warrior spirit and the will to conquer.

Culture and History

Prior to "the Unification", an event heralding the formation of a central Argossan cultural identity, they lived alongside the smaller and weaker Chaoslings. The two races lived peacefully, with the witty but easily exhausted Chaoslings earning their keep as planners and entertainers for the sturdy, labor-oriented Argossans.

Eventually, the Argossans began to tire of what they saw as a leech on their efforts; Chaoslings were percieved as reaping the benefits of hard Argossan work while contributing nothing towards finishing it. This was a false notion; Chaoslings provided coordination, made layouts, and created art. However, it was a popular idea that eventually led to civil war. Some Chaoslings, fearing for the future of their kind, fled to Clash Alpha to avoid extermination. But not all of them; those who remained rallied behind a charismatic strategist who renamed herself Karma.

This force proved itself worthy of being a part of Argossan society by fending off almost anything that was thrown at it. Karma's prominence in the Armada slowly rose until she eventually siezed control over it to become Karma the Destroyer, the Unquestioned Commander, protected by an elite force of fierecely loyal Chaosling warriors.

Experiments with biotechnology, ostensibly undertaken to counter the threat posed by the forces of Synonymous, led to the transformation of the Argossan race into the robotic Sapians. Overseen by the mysterious Ministry of Order, the Sapians set out across the galaxies to wipe out life forms they deemed to be inferior to them.


The Argossan afterlife is simply known as The Rest, where warriors may feast, train, and relive the battles they fought and the enemies they crushed.

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