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Clash Alpha, formerly known as Clash, is the home planet of the Clashians. Batalians and the Ravil used to live there, but their entire populations existed on a floating island which was converted into a mobile colony by Group 3712. Chaoslings and Novinoids then appeared to replace the missing species.

Geography and Distribution

The planet in its infancy was a lush place, rich with forests and fields. It was seperated into the three continents of Tatakau, Tamashi, and Aita Hon. There was also a large island floating above the ocean; it was known as the Cavernous Isle, but later renamed to Great Batalia, seperated into the countries of Iustia (Batalian) and Mercia (Ravil).

As societies became more advanced, large cities came to dominate the landscape. The Argossan Armada eventually took notice, and invaded the planet. The creation of Synonymous and the long battle with the Argossans resulted in the ruination of Tatakau. While repairing the damage, Synonymous became ambitious, and replaced the lost vegetation with additional circuitry for extra processing. This was spread across the planet until there were very few non-cyborg beings on the planet, which was renamed to Cooperative Prime.

The world was later flooded, which put an end to the unshielded wall-to-wall computing network. Unfortunately, the landscape mostly remains either barren or underwater.

Culture and History

The early societies of Clash were very combat-oriented, valuing physical strength over all other traits. Brawlers and warriors were held in the highest regard, while magic - in spite of its uses - was mostly ignored by everyone except the struggling Ravil. The Ravil themselves were a peaceful society, in stark contrast to the militaristic Batalians they shared the island with. Most Batalian people despised the Ravil, but dared not attack them for fear of angering their kings, who often viewed the Ravil as harmless.

After Great Batalia was converted to the Torrential, Chaoslings began to arrive; they had fled from Argossa Prime to avoid extermination. Novinoids also began to appear soon after. For the first time in the planet's history, peace became the standard rather than the exception. It wasn't completely quiet, though; a series of conflicts went on between the Robotic Revolutionaries, led by Dr. Eidolon, and an unintentional alliance between Copy Cat, Mach Speed, and friends.

The Argossan Armada, having tracked down the Chaoslings, invaded Clash Alpha. Every weapon and tactic used against them was found to be ineffective. Dr. Eidolon put the otherwise helpless Chaoslings to work against the invaders by doing what he did best; he used his skills in robotics, and created Synonymous. It was an enemy completely unlike anything the Argossans had ever fought against, and they were driven away from the planet. However, restraint was never programmed in; Synonymous proceeded to convert almost the entirety of Clash Alpha's population into hive-minded cyborgs. The planet itself was also covered in circuitry to increase their processing power, upon which it was renamed Cooperative Prime.

SA-357 later awoke, and was told of Clash by Chosha. She decided it would be fun to reign over the world as its new goddess. The world was flooded, which shorted out the exposed Synonymous tech. Cooperative Prime was destroyed, replaced with the flooded world where Copy Cat Beta takes place.


Clash Alpha's otherworld is often described as a desolate swampland with heavy fog. It's been given the nickname of Pax due to how peaceful things are; it's difficult to have combat without other combatants. Prior to his own death, the diety Kysei was the guardian of the dead. He frequently opted to reincarnate people as strange creatures with enhanced or highly specialized fighting abilities. They were colloquially referred to as "Warpers" due to having warped bodies, and mostly inhabited the Tamashi continent.

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