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Decepticus started his life as Scientius, Kefaru's Elfish God of Knowledge. He lived among his people, sharing facts with them with hopes of creating the planet's most enlightened and unified society. That worked for a while, but eventually they started to insulate; they became secretive and hypocritical, seemingly taking him for granted.

While he disagreed with the practice of slavery, the Goblin servants his Elfs were taking gave him new people and fresh perspectives to interact with. They were also far more reverent in comparison to his "chosen" kind. Scientius eventually tired of the growing Elfish arrogance; they had an air of superiority about them that was only justified by his continued presence. Instead of let them continue this way, he formed a pact with the captured Goblin tribes to endow them with the knowledge needed to defeat their masters.

In the wake of this uprising, some Elfs realized their ways were mistaken, and opted to try to live alongside the 'less-knowledgeable' races. They became the open and welcoming Forest Elfs, while those who doubled-down with the "knowledge" that they were right became the isolationist Praerie Elfs.

The latter came to see Goblins as too much of a hassle to keep enslaved, as Scientius's knowledge was the lubricant that allowed them to easily slip through the fingers that tried to pin them down. In retaliation, they declared the start of a "Great Enlightenment", and attacked the newly-formed settlements of the unsuspecting and friendly Torakin race. The goddess Torak was killed in the process of her latest creation being conquered.

The Sleeping Devil

Irus sought to punish Scientius for unleashing this monster, and so banished him to Te Ra after forcing him into a coma. Just before this, however, Scientius's final act of rage against a percieved injustice was the creation of the abomination Deep, who was given instruction to turn the whole world against Irus and his followers at any cost.

Scientius was unaware that he'd been sent to another planet, and used what he knew about dreaming to manifest horrible demons from the depths of his mind. He would send them off into the waking world to destroy any Naga they encountered. They ended up targeting the native Zrani instead, due to visual similarity. Deep tried to compensate for this by overwriting a portion of land on Te Ra with the part of Alturiana he'd been buried underneath, creating a one-way portal to the actual threat. This had disasterous consequences for those who were living on that portion of land on Alturiana, but that is to be told in a different tale.

"The Sleeping Devil" soon became legendary for his creations. Despite being contained by the AOSCP, the abominations spilling out of his mind continually eluded their grasp. The public caught wind of a furious god being in their midst, and tried to pray to him to calm his anger. The effectiveness of that campaign was debatable, but it remains in the world's consciousness.

When the Virtual Saviors defeated Cacus II, they found themselves on the surface of Te Ra. William took the opportunity to learn about this world, specifically the AOSCP, and formulated a plan to bail his own planet out of the downward slide he thought it was on. He borrowed the Sleeping Devil and used his power to purge those he percieved as obstructing progress. When it was over, the comatose god was deposited on a remote shore of Te Ri, as William had unwittingly noted down coordinates relative to the location of Iawa Terusa.


There, he continued to sleep, until Yusina sent her rage nightmare throughout the world, and he found himself jolted awake by the horrifying dream. He declared that he was Decepticus, the lord of fear, and created the vicious Dwellers to be his subjects. With them, he sewed the seeds of the Holy Kingdom of Unfathomable Depths, and reigned as its god-king.

Eventually, a group making their last stand on an island caught his attention. They were the Gamma Monster Union, holdouts against the same arrogance he saw in the Elfs, now being mirrored by Te Ri's "Greater Races". He imparted knowledge of better technology and how to create it to give his newfound followers an edge against their would-be destroyers.

Decepticus later learned that the other gods were conspiring against him; they showed mock concern for his involvement with "inferior peoples". He called upon Chosha for assistance, who created Mechanus and the Constructs. They developed spacefaring technology in secret, and escaped with the Union during the confusion created by the Omniscient suddenly invading the planet.

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