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Te Ri was started as a collaboration between its gods. It is inhabited by Constructs, Dragons, Goblins, Kobolds (and Gremlins), Novinoids, Orcs (and Gorks), Dwellers, and Terians, each with their own patron god looking after their societies.

Geography and Distribution

The planet features a supercontinent with the Livid Ocean (which contains the Holy Kingdom of Unfathomable Depths) at its center. The upper-right corner is broken into a series of islands, known as the Gulf of Intricacy, named after the alliance of Terian kingdoms that border it.

The mainland mostly consists of forests and valleys, and is seperated into four quadrants by two intersecting mountain ranges. The mountainous areas tend to have higher Kobold and Goblin populations, while the forests are the domain of Terians, and Orcs largely keep to the deserts. Dragons make their homes in the arctic north and south.

Creation Myth

The world was formed by Terus in a calm and isolated section of open space. His wife, Kedavara, plucked out one of her eyes and set it alight in the sky. It became the planet's bright star. Terus then shaped the world's mountains, and sculpted Novinoids to inhabit them. Kedavara made weather and plant life, spreading green valleys and lush forests upon the flat parts of the earth.

Other gods were invited to join them in making a fun new world, full of life and adventure. The mysterious Mirisk was the first to answer that call, carving oceans, lakes and rivers filled with reflective water, as well as providing the planet with its namesake species, Terians. Na Dak soon followed, infusing the world with mana, and forging the Dragons that would exploit it. Next, Festia and Ec Kendor arrived. She created the Goblins and imbued them with a knack for celebration, while he countered with Orcs and their trademark warrior spirit. He also filled the ground with the ores of metals, from which better weapons and armor could be made. In response, she flooded the underground with magma, to make acquiring them a challenge. Yusina then awoke; dreams and Kobolds sprung forth from her mind.

There were a few gods who arrived later. Among them were Zyrq and Lenara, the war gods of Clash. Taking a liking to the views held by Ec Kendor, the two allied with him to become Te Ri's god of the hunt, and goddess of death. Decepticus, who had been taken from Te Ra, was deposited on a random shoreline. He remained in a coma until Yusina grew tired of the planet's other races thinking of her as irrelevant, and spread a fearsome nightmare through the world. Decepticus's dream was so horrifying, it jolted him awake, whereupon he created the Dwellers and the Holy Kingdom of Unfathomable Depths.

Mechanus was the final diety to arrive. At the time, there was an ongoing conflict between Decepticus and nearly all the others. Mechanus, siding with Decepticus so that he may repay a favor owed, built the first Constructs.

Culture and History

At first, life on Te Ri was peaceful, with each race mostly keeping to themselves. This did not remain the case for long; the planet's lands were vast, but not unlimited, and the expanding societies soon began to border eachother. Alliances were struck, allowing some of those borders to fade away, but that too was merely a temporary measure. Blood would be shed as the concept of supremacy echoed throughout the halls of the "greater races"; Dragons, Orcs, Predator Novinoids, and Terians banded together against the supposedly inferior, prideless species. Genocide was justified as the great reclaiming the world from the weak and numerous, who were unfairly using more than their share of resources.

The "lesser races", which were the Goblins, Kobolds, and Prey Novinoids, fought back any way they could, but found themselves being pushed back at every turn. They might have been wiped out entirely had the Dwellers not appeared; they were an unexpected ally, and enabled their desperate friends to retain control over towns near coasts, islands, rivers, and peninsulas.

However, the challenge only emboldened the opressors. The lesser races soon abandoned the mainland (save for their hidden mountain villages) in favor of a chain of islands known as the Doomed Isle. There, a massive shrine to Decepticus was erected. Taking notice of this, Decepticus broke his long-standing vow of non-interference to help his new-found followers survive. The Gamma Monster Union was formed, and they began carving out a massive underground base to have their last stand in.

Decepticus would later realize that the other gods conspired against his followers. He recalled a favor owed to him, and decided the time had come to claim it. Chosha, upon hearing Decepticus's plea, transformed into Mechanus and created the technologically-inclined Constructs. They rapidly developed spaceworthy vessels, and fled the planet during an Omniscient invasion, along with most of Decepticus's followers.


Te Ri's equivalent otherworld is Yusina's domain, the Kingdom of Dreams. Despite seeming irrelevant and less powerful in comparison to the other gods, she is the de-facto guardian and restorer of the dead, which grants her immense control over the fate of the world. The world itself is a highly malleable amalgamation; most areas assume the form of what the people in them think they should look like and contain. Orbiting high above is a massive pantheon where the gods gather to discuss what should be done on Te Ri.

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