The Toi Koe (2014-07-28)

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The Toi Koe is a non-location. It can be best described as the world-between-worlds; a continuous traversable glitch in the Wax Candle. The existence of these areas arises when map data is created from information that does not describe terrain. The results are unpredictable, supremely out of the ordinary, and usually highly confusing to traverse. The type, look, and weather of any Toi Koe area will depend on what the nearest 'real' locations are. Strange, jumbled up native animals and plants may be present, but both are exceedingly rare.

Culture and History

The existence of the Toi Koe was discovered by Shadow Talon, when he tried to shift into an obstructed area of the shadow realms. He was confused, but knew the area could be used to his advantage, and tenatively named it Dark Garden. He created the Hivelings and a base of operations in the Toi Koe. Due to the remnants of IWA Scout Unit 1 being absorbed into the Omniscient, the knowledge of this exploit spread throughout the group.

The glitch came to be inhabited by Ravil thanks to Chosha. Following the death of Aemelia, regiments of Batalians started to invade Mercia, intending to exterminate its inferior and peaceful residents. Chosha warned them of the danger, and transported them to somewhere they wouldn't be found. They established a large settlement, known as Konran City.


The Toi Koe does not have a parallel afterlife world as it is technically not an actual location.

DWB Note: I'm not really sure how to explain my vision of what this place is, other than to suggest that you look up the Metroid 2 glitch areas.

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