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Pre-Built Systems (2022-09-21)

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I also own(ed) some computers that were made to order.



A Sony Vaio Z2 (VPC Z2 190X) that I purchased in August 2011. The laptop itself is ultraportable, but has a Light Peak port that connects to a dock with dedicated GPU and Blu-Ray drive. What I thought was a fantastic concept - being able to purchase upgraded Power Media Docks for better graphics - ended up not being a thing. But, it's a good machine that I'm still using after over a decade (and six address changes).

Components (Standalone)
CPU: Intel Core i5 2540M (2.6GHz)
GPU: Intel HD3000 (1GB)
Audio: Realtek HD
LCD: 13.1" 1920x1080 plus VGA and HDMI outputs
OS: Windows 7 SP1 Professional
Components (Docked)
CPU: Intel Core i5 2540M (3.3GHz)
GPU: Radeon HD6650M (1GB DDR3) with extra VGA and HDMI outputs
Windows Experience Index: 5.9 (Desktop graphics bottleneck)
A: Sony 2x Speed FDD (USB)
C: 128GB (64GBx2 RAID0) SSD
D: BD-ROM Drive (Power Media Dock)
E: SDXC card slot
F: Sandisk MobileMate MS+ (USB Full-size Memory Stick reader)
G: MSPD card slot


A few years ago, I started getting into the Apple side of technology, and decided to pick up a PowerPC G3/600 iBook to dual-boot OS X and OS 9 on. The seller decided to send me a G4 that can only run Tiger. But, y'know, whatever; won't complain about more RAM and an AirPort Extreme card.

iBook G4 A1054 (Late 2004)
CPU: PowerPC G4 (1.2GHz)
RAM: 512MB
LCD: 12" 1024x768
USB LS-120 SuperDisk (Shared via KVM)
OS: Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.11)

When I got the laptop, the magnetic latch was a bit bent out of shape. I tried to bend it back but ended up breaking it off. Turning it on, OS X had been factory restored, and had no web browser, so I had to open a terminal window and download an old version of Opera (before was purged). Then, I was able to download some files to get Classic emulation working.


A thin client. I was initially going to try running a BBS on it.

Wyse S30
CPU: AMD Geode GX 366MHz
RAM: 128MB
FDD: 2005 Sony USB 3.5" FDD

Future Acquisitions

As stated on my Tech Wishlist, I'd like to also have some sort of Tandy for 1980s DOS computering, a Color Classic (or equivalent) for early-90s Maccing and Apple II games, and a few others for the ace thetics.

When it comes to modern computers, I'd prefer to try building my own. Though it was briefly tempting to consider a Corsair One or ASUS Flow Z13.

Useful Links System 7 Today A collection of classic software for making Mac OS 7 more useful. Mac OS 9 Updates .smi disk images of last known versions to get your Classic Mac updated. Macintosh Garden Macintosh Repository
Repurposing Thin Clients

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