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About Bytemoth (12023-09-16)

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__D__I__G  I__T__A _L______  W__A__R_ L__O_ C  K_ 
| ___ \ \ / /_   _|  ___|  \/  |  _  |_   _| | | |
| |_/ /\ V /  | | | |__ | .  . | | | | | | | |_| |
| ___ \ \ /   | | |  __|| |\/| | | | | | | |  _  |
| |_/ / | |   | | | |___| |  | | |_| | | | | | | |
\____/  \_/   \_/ \____/\_|  |_/\___/  \_/ \_| |_/

a very asocial flower born in USA in 11991

a former Geocities user trained in HTML4

a pile of embers that burned out in 12017

filtering brain toxins gathered from teen years on the '00s WWW

a Computer Whiz with vast knowledge.. that anyone could've gained

collecting sites, stories, software, and Sony cameras


classic PC hardware and software (DOS/Win9x)

old handmade websites and homepages

ANSI art, BBS and EGA aesthetics

platformers, boomer shooters, RPGs, RTSs, and collectathons

finding better and cheaper things and services to use

anime, movies, and music from the '80s and '90s


post-truth anti-sex anti-science dumbasses

religious beliefs (god, sin, fate, souls, etc.)

sports, athletes, the Olympics, and dudebros

fighting, racing, sim games, TBSes, and visual novels

the W(WW) getting worse on purpose to benefit rich assholes/corpos

outrage addicts, inc'l puriteens and Only Conscious Humans

A hearty 'wazzap' to you, wanderer! Here's the lore on Bytemoth, a Digital Warlock harnessing the powers of sourcerors yet mightier, in attempt to conjure a virtual space I don't need to take vacations from. I am a highly asocial Computer Whiz with vast knowledge (that anyone could've gained), taking the shape of a pile of embers that burned out in 2017. The name itself represents a particular, peculiar fusion of analog and digital which I've strived- nah j/k, it's just the shortest thing I thought of that was hard to spell wrong and had no results on search engines when I started using it in late 12011.

Before arriving here, I was a resident of Geocities, well-practiced in the ancient magickal art of HTML4. Along the way, I've learned to enjoy collecting software, old digital cameras, and PlayStation games. But I do not yearn for simpler times, for the world was never simple; only I was.

Caution should be taken when attempting to befriend me, which is Not Easy to begin with, but we will especially not get along if you're an outrage addict, The Only Conscious Human, really into sports or crypto, conservative, of an Abrahamic faith, or hate furries. Being a completely non-spiritual post-theist who heavily leans left, what I'm trying to believe in is a universe that doesn't care, and people who do.

Due to being a Very Online Teen in the mid-12000s, toxins built up in my brain which I'm now attempting to filter out. I'm not proud of that whole 'racism is over so let's say the n-word' edgelord phase, but I won't pretend it didn't happen. What followed was a belief in some version of the just-world hypothesis that led to me briefly following the YouTube atheist/skeptic community into its anti-SJW phase. This was later corrected by Tumblr users sharing their lived experiences, prompting a realization that things were worse than initially assumed.

Extra tidbits about me include that I'm a teetotaler, possibly quoiromantic, and trying to reduce my sugar intake. I consider myself a social minimalist, physical midimalist, and digital maximalist - The Dream is owning a Toyota Sera and living in that sweet pad from the Umfend demo, where I'd have selected hardware atop an L-desk, each drive and flash cart within just absolutely loaded up with files.

And It Is Now Time For Behold A Few Of My Favorite Thinks

  • mecha
  • postapoc.
  • shonen
  • action
  • cyberpunk
  • slasher
  • FPSes
  • platformer
  • (C/J)RPG
  • industrial
  • italo-disco
  • neo-synthpop
  • computers
  • cooking
  • documenting
  • preservation
  • privacy
  • reducing
  • reusing
  • retrogaming
  • titties
  • websurfin'
  • writing
  • (and more)
[Online friendship means something!]
[I survived the Tumblr apocalypse!]
[Don't be a phone chump! Get a computer NOW!]
[This is an Anti-NFT site]
[I done got MEGA-loafed!]
[No Nazi, No Fascism, No Racism]
[Black Lives Matter]
[Trans Rights Now!]
(Every good friend was once a stranger)
(BORN to SURF the NET)
(alone but not lonely)
(Save the dragons!)
(Reality is the leading cause of stress.)
(Curves are beautiful.)
(Republicans scare me)
(don't pray in our schools / and i won't think in your church)

(Norn wizard waving a wand in a circle, leaving behind trails of light)

Assigned Sonas

furry-ass idiot
pastel potted plant that will yell when you least expect it
Bytemoth is a Large-Breasted Hyena Girl.
stoner radioactive cat demon
Bytemoth is a hyperactive Dragon who is 187cm in height. They have short, fluffy white hair and golden eyes. Their bust would fit a B cup. Their first encounter was with a thief who they charmed for goods.
#791 Solgaleo
I scored 61.54% for psychic/steel, and the legendary was the first result with that typing.
Assigned to me by DuckDuckGo after a search for 'bytemoth' returned a correction of 'behemoth'.
Chosen by me because Mothmon was too obvious, but this guy can digivolve to that form.
Sapon, kobold bard made of animated soap.
Popped into my head after I said 'soap-barred' out loud.
Unmotivated spider that sits in an unfinished web watching people who are too afraid/disturbed to approach.
I previously believed I was a Mage of Mind, but later inverted to my true alignment, Seer of Void.
Based on usage of the Ø character, blake-chan and 38caution have informed me that I am a woman of Norwegian descent.
Hot-tempered siren who hugs you tight and kisses you softly. They love that they can sit in comfortable silence with you.

(I <3 My GameCube)

See also: Personality quiz results


man youre the coolest fat kid i now
SplatterSocom (12008-08-22)
you know it's a good server because bytemoth is in the member list
BytemothOwns#4633 (12019-03-22)
Bytemoth is god, but he lost his powers for some reason and falled on earth
Randy (12020-01-07)
Bytemoth I'm gonna fucking kill you
Nekojiru (12020-01-23)
please think of bytemoth, who is likely observing right now
Rosek Night (12020-03-11)
bytemoth always comes in hot with the informative messages out of no where lol
Jack O'Mix (12020-05-07)
i think sometime in this server someone said bytemoth had 11 braincells
moss#6587 (12020-06-02)
"Shout out to Bytemoth-"*smacks his headset* "Aw fuck."
Joppiesaus (12020-07-27)
bytemoth is bytemoth
Ribbit Ribbit#0203 (12020-09-02)
bytemoth finnagonna make us watch wendys training videos
moss#6587 (12020-09-12)
I genuinely shiver in actual FEAR every time I mutter your unholy name
Retromaniac#6997 (12020-10-10)
I wish I was bytemoth cool
P. Comfy (12020-12-06)
moth is spooky [...] he's the ultimate deity
Jac Komix (12021-03-07)
"Sometimes I think Bytemoth can read my mind."
BattyCathy#4580 (12021)
this site is 100% certified hood classic
plash#2860 (12022-01-30)
We're fucked if Moth is typing
Owly after pinging @everyone (12022-02-06)
ngl as soon as i saw you typing i knew i was gonna get saved
Jackomi X (12023-06-19)
this is like when you watch a YouTube video and it puts the Wikipedia page below the title
..but actually helpful, for once
koyo #1 boykisser (12023-07-16)

(I miss winter)


(This user PISSED ON THE MOON, you idiot!)

My 1/5 years: 12001-12002, 12019, 12022
My 5/5 years: 12006-12007, 12012, 12015

First cellphone: Motorola RAZR V3 (12006-12009)
First smartphone: Motorola Defy Mini XT320 (12012-12013)
Favorite phone: Nokia Touch and Type X3-02 (12014-12018)
Current phone: Samsung Galaxy A02s (12021--)

WWW is a fuck
Break Em All 11993
I am trash spider
410,757,864,530 DEAD LINKS

Primary Social Media
Quick Stances

(Dust collector)

And so can you! (H/T maya)
Best sandwich?
The Rodeo King burger! #LordOfSodium Meatball marinara sub with swiss, parmesan, mayo, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. (Make it futuristic by assembling on garlic bread! #chea)
What’s one thing you own that you really should throw out?
A collection of microUSB cables accumulated from years of device purchases. Get rid of 'em and replace them with USB-C adapters.
What is the scariest animal?
Cats bruv. Who knows how much murder they're dreaming about when they sleep all day.
Apples or oranges?
If I'm not allowed to be specific, I'd go with oranges, which seem to be more consistent across their varieties. But if I get to choose the type of apple, pass me a Pink Lady or Kanzi.
Have you ever asked someone for their autograph?
No. I am the one who GETS asked.
What do you think happens when we die?
Cessation of existence. No further consciousness. Life ends. Hope you made it a good one.
Favorite action movie?
Feels like I should answer 'Predator' but I haven't rewatched it recently to verify. So.. why not, Killer Bean Forever.
Favorite smell?
Cedar, petrichor, or tomato sauce depending on context.
Least favorite smell?
Cheap earbuds.
Exercise: worth it?
Maybe for some people, but I've never been able to have a good time with it.
Flat or sparkling?
Without additives, flat. If I can throw in some Crystal Light, sparkling.
Most used app on your phone?
"Fast Shopping" from F-Droid. Don't like using phones that much.
You get one song to listen to for the rest of your life: what is it?
Been quite fond of REALM: Fraternization (Soundtrack) since I first heard it a few years ago.. Either that or Sister Location's Venta Black.
What number am I thinking of?
It's 'which number'. And, you aren't; you're currently thinking about the word 'discombobulate'.
Describe the rest of your life in 5 words?
"more effort with fewer results"

(I need more time!)

Previous Special Interests


  • .theprodukkt/Farbrausch
  • b3ta
  • Kane (Command & Conquer)
  • Kane (WWE)
  • Metroid 2 'Secret Worlds'
  • MS-DOS games and emulators
  • Namco/Midway and Williams arcade games
  • Neopets
  • Rob Zombie
  • Roswell Crash mythology
  • StickDeath lore


  • Cave Story modding
  • Commodore 64 cracktros (esp. Chromance)
  • Fredryk Phox
  • Look Around You (series 1)
  • micronations (esp. Republic of Molossia)
  • Net neutrality
  • Newgrounds culture (esp. Clock Crew and spinoff groups)
  • Starcraft alpha/beta versions
  • web-based ARGs (esp. ILoveBees and Year Zero)
  • Viznut/PWP demos
  • UMPCs


  • alternative date formats (esp. Tranquility Calendar)
  • Anthrocon
  • Atheism/agnosticism/secular humanism
  • Copyright alternatives/Creative Commons-licensed media
  • Carl Sagan
  • DECORATE (ZDoom scripting language)
  • esoteric conlangs (esp. Solresol and Ithkuil)
  • HTML 4.01/CSS 2.1 web standards
  • hydroponics
  • Johji Manabe manga
  • NANP/telephony history
  • numbers stations
  • P2P darknets (esp. I2P)
  • Reddit culture
  • retro game collecting
  • Spaghetti Westerns
  • Telecomix/WeRebuild/DataLove


  • 68000/PowerPC-based Apple computers
  • BBS aesthetics and culture
  • the FNAF timeline(s) (+ FNAC, Popgoes, TNAR)
  • Frog Fractions 3 / Eye Sigil / Txt World
  • Geocities and Neocities
  • HTML 3.2
  • K6/Athlon-era PC hardware
  • learning to cook
  • Modern Talking songs (esp. Atlantis Is Calling and In 100 Years)
  • passive income/data brokerage
  • pixelated (meta)horror games
  • politics (sliiide to the left)
  • pre-Blink web browsers (IE, NN, Firefox, Opera)
  • pre-ESRB rating systems (esp. RSAC)
  • Teletext
  • Tumblr culture
  • vending machines
  • video codecs
  • WCW/the Monday Night Wars


  • 30-day flip-phone challenge
  • bar soap
  • car-hostile city planning/'superblocks'
  • dishwashers/kitchen appliances
  • Fediverse culture
  • Gopherspace
  • GPU tech demos
  • hydroponics again
  • italo disco music
  • Linux DE/WMs
  • MiSTer/FPGA (hardware) emulation
  • obsolete AV technology (esp. VHS, cassettes, LaserDisc, MiniDisc)
  • off-grid living/solar battery banks
  • PDF/HTML zines
  • "So bad they're awesome" videos (esp. Killer Bean, Nyan Neko Sugar Girls, and Bulgarian Treasure Planet)
  • Sony FD-Mavica, CyberShot, Bloggie cameras
  • tiny and efficient homes/'microlofts'
  • Toonami bumpers
  • The Walten Files
  • Warcraft lore


  • Geminispace
  • Reusable/cartridge/fountain pens
  • Dividend stocks and index funds
  • Console and handheld flash carts/softmods/ODEs
  • batteries
  • mini-PCs
  • AI image generation

(I can't live without [computers]...)

Childhood TV Shows/Blocks

Cartoon Network: [adult swim] (12001-12006), Cartoon Cartoons (11996-12003), Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies, Miguzi, SVES, Toonami (TOM1-3 eras), Static Shock,

Comedy Central: Chappelle's Show, The Colbert Report, Reno 911!, South Park,

D****y Channel: Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Dave the Barbarian, Even Stevens, Kim Possible, Lilo & Stitch, Lizzie McGuire, The Proud Family, Sister Sister, That's So Raven,

Nickelodeon: All That, The Amanda Show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Blue's Clues (Steve era), Nicktoons (11991-12004), The Nick Cannon Show,

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, UPN: 3rd Rock from the Sun, Animaniacs, Boy Meets World, Breaking the Magician's Code, Celebrity Deathmatch, Digimon (Adventure/02), The Drew Carey Show, Everybody Hates Chris, Family Guy, Futurama, Home Improvement, I Love Lucy, King of the Hill, Lloyd in Space, Mad TV, Married... with Children, Malcolm in the Middle, The Outer Limits, Recess, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Smart Guy, Star Trek Voyager, That '70s Show, Tiny Toon Adventures, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, WWE SmackDown (Attitude & Ruthless Aggression eras),

(Hey look! It's a chicken!)

Mobile Phone History

[Rotating mobile phone]

Cingular Wireless

Everyone has their start, and this was where I got mine.
12006-09: Motorola RAZR v3
Didn't really want a phone, but this was a sleek and compact one to have. I knew substantially less about technology back then, so to get photos off the phone, I had to upload them to a Yahoo service which I would then visit on my PC. (This as opposed to plugging in a mini-USB cable.)
Cost: (provided by carrier)

Consumer Cellular

To save a bit of money, we later switched to a provider offering cheaper plans. Every bill was $45 except when overage charges hit, and when they did, they hit hard.
12009-10: Motorola W259 (rebadged W270)
Something simple to call and text on.
Cost: (provided by carrier)
12012-11: Motorola Defy Mini XT320 [512MB/Android 2.3]
Decided to give Android a shot and see what was up. These were SUPER tiny - I had to download alternative keyboards to be able to use it.
Cost: $132 ($10.16/mo)
12013-12: Samsung Captivate Glide l927 [8GB/1GB/Android 4.0]
Eventually got tired of the mininess of the Mini and upgraded to something full-size, with a slide-out keyboard for typing/texting.
Cost: $150 ($12.50/mo)
12014-12: Nokia Touch and Type X3-02.5
Promptly got sick of smartphones and their one-day battery life. Switched to something with a T9 keypad for a while.
Cost: $78 ($1.95/mo)

Ting Mobile

Then, we decided to give this tiered payment system* a try. It was still use more pay more (but not as much), but also use less pay less. Also, extremely helpful customer service.
* (phased out for new customers on 2020-11-17)
12018-03: Blu S1 [16GB/2GB/Android 7.0]
Switched back to Android to run Beermoney apps for low-effort free shit. Victim of a bloating battery.
Cost: $172 ($19.12/mo)
12018-10: Blu R2-4G [32GB/3GB/Android 7.0] (Auxiliary)
Loads of storage, huge RAM, and a battery that started bloating five months after purchase. Kept randomly turning on Bluetooth despite not being asked to?
Cost: $87
12019-01: Samsung Galaxy Prime J3-27A [16GB/1.5GB/Android 7.0]
Switched to a phone with a removable battery because I was tired of non-removable bloating batteries.
Cost: $136 ($5.92/mo)
12020-06*: Sony Xperia XZs [32GB/4GB/Android 7.1]
Switched to a phone with VoLTE so Ting would stop bugging me about not having one. The non-removable battery started to bloat two months later. Apparently it doesn't actually have VoLTE, so thanks for putting it on the 'List of phones with VoLTE support' article, Wikipedia editors!
* Remained unused until December
Cost: $163 ($16.30/mo)
12021-09: Samsung Galaxy A02s [32GB/2GB/Android 11]
Forced upgrade because T-Mobile shut off its pre-LTE networks. But, being able to switch to Ting's cheaper Flex plan means it'll pay for itself in six months.
Cost: $160

Paths Ahead

I'm considering traveling one of the following routes when the battery in that current Android smartphone begins to noticeably swell.
Paradigm shift (Smartwatch%)
Use an Apple Watch Ultra for all communication and payment needs for the next decade.
Unattainable due to requiring an iPhone to activate the device.
Switch sides
Pick up an iPhone SE 4 (or SE3 NOS) in 2-4 years, and use that for as long as feasible (until device failure or 5G shutdown).
🎵 Get loose, kid; go stupid 🎵
Downupgrade to an unsmartphone such as the Kyocera DuraXV or Sonim XP5 and find the cheapest plan possible to justify rounding-error usage of it.
Even Simpler
Decide being constantly reachable is incompatible with my personality, discontinue mobile phone service to save money, and switch to a pager plus home VoIP phone setup (~$13/mo cheaper). Delete all the accounts!!


12016-08: Fire HD 6 (Gen4) [16GB/1GB/Fire OS 5.7]
Perfect pocketable size, from the only generation with SlimPort video out. Cool as hell.
Cost: $90
12018-10: NeuTab i7 [8GB/1GB/Android 7.1]
Some cheap generic I got to try running money-making apps on. Turned on, connected to wifi, then the screen immediately stopped working.
Cost: $50
12018-12: Fire HD 8 (Gen8) [16GB/1.5GB/Fire OS 7.3]
A BeerMoney buy that I ran autosurfing websites on, until I got tired of it randomly turning off its wifi antennas.
Cost: $60
12022-12: Kindle Paperwhite 5 SE (Gen11) [32GB/512MB]
Got it on sale for Black Friday after hearing good things. Why not. Really should try reading more books anyway.
Cost: $129 (32% off)

(Talk only if you can improve on the silence.)

Favorite Foods

I am a vegetable hater and can't stand the taste and texture of most anything in that entire me-forsaken food group, with the exception of potatoes and peppers. Ketchup is fine, but tomatoes otherwise suck completely. Onions and mushrooms are good in powder form, but completely ruin a meal when diced or sliced. Lettuce, pickles, and olives belong in the trash. Carrots, peas, and green beans deserve to be extinct. Any feedback about this topic will be immediately discarded.

(Eat right, exercise, and die anyway.)

Other least favorites:
  • Only cowards don't eat the crust
  • Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza
  • Candy corn sucks
  • Coconut is a garbage-tier cake topping and candy ingredient
  • Alcohol and drinking culture are bad and dumb
  • Anyone whomst claims to earnestly enjoy black licorice is a liar

Favorite snack:
  • Early childhood: Snyder's of Hanover Honey Mustard & Onion Nibblers
  • Late childhood: Doritos, Salsa Verde flavor
  • Teenage years: Flamin' Hot Limón Cheetos
  • 12015: Sun Chips, Garden Salsa flavor
  • 12017: Tillamook Beef Jerky, Honey Glazed flavor
  • 12019: Golden Island Pork Jerky, Korean Barbecue Recipe
  • 12021: Love Crunch Organic Granola, Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter flavor

Favorite hot sauce:
  • Tabasco Original
  • Huy Fong Sriracha
  • TryMe Tiger Sauce
  • Secret Aardvark Habanero
  • Jempol Sambel Asli

Favorite instant noodle:
  • Maruchan (Chicken flavor)
  • Indomie Mi Goreng (since 12017)

Favorite soft drink:
  • 11997: Cactus Cooler, Inca Kola, and Jones Soda Green Apple flavor
  • 12006: A&W Root Beer
  • 12011: Vanilla Coke
  • 12015: Sprecher Root Beer Soda
  • 12019: Sparkling Lemonade (mineral water + liquid lemonade mix)
  • 12022: Sunkist Orange Zero Sugar
  • Marketing campaign: Sublymonal Advertising
  • Honorable mention: SoBe Elixir, Strawberry Banana flavor
  • Honorable mention 2: Dr Pepper Cherry Zero Sugar
  • Honorable mention 3: Dublin Bottling Works Tart-n-Sweet Lemonade

Favorite candy/protein bars:
  • Childhood: Nestle Crunch / Tiger's Milk
  • Teenhood: Twix / PowerBar Vanilla Crisp
  • Adulthood: Reese's FastBreak / Kirkland Signature Choc. PB Chunk

Favorite apple variety:
  • Childhood: Golden Delicious
  • Teenhood: Granny Smith
  • Adulthood: Pink Lady and Kanzi

Favorite fast food chain:
  • Childhood: McDonald's
  • Early teens: Carl's Jr. (that pastrami burger)
  • Late teens: Jack in the Box and Sonic
  • Early 20s: Arby's and Subway
  • Late 20s: Burger King and Papa John's

Favorite frozen pizza
  • Childhood: Tombstone
  • Teenhood: Red Baron Deep Dish Singles
  • Early adulthood: DiGiorno Cheese Stuffed Crust
  • 12013: MaMa Rosa's Mini Deep Dish
  • 12015: Screamin' Sicilian Holy Pepperoni
  • 12017: Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust
  • Honorable mention: Roncadin Salame Piccante and Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite cereals
  • Childhood: Apple Jacks/Froot Loops, Cinn. Toast Crunch, Oreo-Os
  • Teenhood: Cap'n Crunch, Honey Bunches of Oats
  • 20s: Apple Cinn. Cheerios, Golden Grahams, Cocoa Krispies

Favorite ice cream flavor:
  • Childhood: Rocky Road, Cookie Dough
  • Teenhood: Mint Chocolate
  • Adulthood: French Vanilla

Other favorites
  • Jar pasta sauce: Francesco Rinaldi meat-flavored
  • Chicken dip: Caesar Vinaigrette (unbreaded), Ranch (breaded)
  • Tube steak: Kirkland Signature Beef Hot Dogs, Nathan's Famous
  • Cheeses: White American, Vermont/NY (Extra) Sharp White Cheddar, Dubliner, Peccorino Romano, Colby Jack, Cotija-style, Garlic & Herb BellaVitano
  • Canned chili: Stagg Steak House, Wolf Brand
  • Top 5 convenience store items: BBQ pork rib sandwich, Chester's Fries, SoBe Elixir Tsunami, extra-long beef & bean microwave burritos, Coke Icee

(Fruit Tier List)

(Vegetable Tier List)


 Version: 3.12
 G! d+ s:+ a>? C+++ UL++++ !P L+++ E- W++ N? o? K? !w+ O-- M V?
 PS>+++ PE(--) Y+ !PGP t+ 5? X@ R(+) tv-- b+ !DI D++ G-
 e h-->++ !r y-
 ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------


(I found Lizzy's Secret Page!) (Hiddlen Link - Congrats! You did it!)

(I found the secret page at // Winter 20-21)

[Viatrix's ISO-8601 Award!]

(Even a small star shines in the darkness.)

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