Five Days in Hell (2/5) (2009-04-30)

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Eighteen chapters of craziness for your reading pleasure.


[Part One]

4-30 A: A Bouquet of Children

I have had various projects throughout the course of the Books of Bad Ideas series. Most of these projects have assimilated themselves in ink or graphite in the forms of doodles, characters, story bits, and game ideas. They all accumulate and mingle, humble creatures at peace in my universe, gathering for the benefit of a future reaping. Though inspiration for each comes and goes, each respective idea is added to with each wave of desire. These are my thoughts. These are my future. These are my children.

Thus far I've accumulated six completed books, wherein each and every page contains various ideas or designs, and these are labeled as Book S, Book One, Book Two, Book III, Book IV, and Book IV part 2.

Book S, also known as the Sophomore Binder, includes my ninth and tenth grade sketches and mind dumps and is the precursor, the "Book Zero" if you will, of the series and spans the longest timeframe in it, having lasted more than 15 months. Book One survived for just over five months in 2007 and existed alongside my English 3 warm-ups booklet I occasionally doodled in, which enjoyed a run of a bit more than 6 months.

Then came the book from which the F Pages were extracted, transitioning into Book III for a combined total of a 10 month lifespan, after which I abandoned it and began to draw in pen once more. Book IV was created during January 2009 and transitioned into part 2, the current incarnation in the series. It was started March 2009, and is likely to end soon as it is running low on pages. Book 5 will follow, most likely in either late 2009 or early 2010.

4-30 B: Preserving Ideas Through the Death of Trees

Though I type faster than I can write, public schools such as this one are not yet advanced enough to do away with pen and paper to bring in keyboard and mouse. This is why I log all thoughts that I can in my notebooks.

However, sometimes I keep text files on my flash drive and laptop. This can lead to the interesting paradox of not working on it at school because it's more convenient to type it, and not working it on home because I have no work there to take my mind off of by expanding upon these ideas of mine.

I realized some time before the semester switch that this happens with alarming frequency and have taken steps to stop it. I now type things that have either a long and definitive description or require charts/graphs whereas the Books are primarily used for listing out ideas in brief as they come to me. It's worked thus far and will hopefully continue to do so.

4-30 C: Pain Can Be Ingored (Unlike the Monster Under Your Bed)


This second dream came in two parts. The former dealt with more self-philosophical and insightful events in Hell, the latter was a bit more interesting and perhaps disturbing. In my second dream as a demon, the events of the first dream had not taken place. I decided I'd get some time away from my mistress and head to the market. The only problem was that I had no idea where it was. The idea to jump into a lava stream and swim until I found myself there came to me. At first it hurt, but I then realized that feeling pain is rather pointless now that I had died and was (theoretically) incapable of dieing again. The searing sensation subsided, silently shifting its sublime slamming symphony of sizzling to some sparse and sporadic sub-remarkable stinging. Let's see you top that one without using a thesaurus! I eventually surfaced at an outside eating area near the market, much to the amazement of some newcomers. "Hm. So that's how one gets around," I found myself saying. One of the patrons in attendance then inquired if I felt pain. I explained to them my revelation then proceeded to the marketplace.

The second part of the dream involved me creating a corporeal form for use on earth, a dark-skinned imp character I had direct control over but could let wander if I was feeling generous. I don't remember the particulars of most of the adventures I sent him on, but he was used primarily to torment small children. One girl got the worst of it. Her name escapes me, but it started with an A. She was a thin 6-year-old with black hair. My imp was always wreaking havoc upon her, inducing paranoia whenever possible by doing things such as sneaking around the house late at night, creeping into her room and disturbing the shadows to scare her then disappearing without a trace, and falling asleep in the upstairs bathroom's bathtub. I assessed this dream to be stranger than most upon my awakening.

[Part Three]


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