The Insane Jester's Happy Hour (2007-12-20)

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txet sdrawkcab – 30-21-7002
As usual, another unproductive weekend passes my slow BODY MASS by. Productivity has reached an all-time low at the house. It seems the only reason I have to work on stuff is when I am working on something else, which may be why so much of what I would otherwise do at home gets done during school hours. My dad is coming down here on the twenty-first. We await his arrival with great anticipation, and if you think I got that from Star Wars, you are sorely mistaken.

I am currently working on a Flash introduction to my Portal mod, Lockdown. I thought of a new website layout last night that I might be able to use for Impure Creation, among other things. Pegi and I went to Wal-Mart last night, and it made me realize how much I absolutely hate not only the Holiday season, but also the entire month of December. Christmas is just used these days as an excuse to drain one's bank account on meaningless gifts when it should be recognized as what it is, [RESCINDED].

2007-12-05 – straight up typin'
It seems that I think of a new scenario for my story cast at least once per day. Of course, it's no closer to being finished, as these scenarios often overwrite existing scenarios. It's the same way for Lockdown; replacement test chambers are thought up every time I blink. Minor progress was made on the flash teaser for Lockdown. The Socom Squad continues to be inactive. Hopefully some of the other leaders, along with myself, will be able to come up with a way to get it active again.

A new plan for the revival of the Socom Squad has been thought up by Pineapple. Steam is failing at life due to not updating like a good little game launcher. I hate Steam.

The five-step revival plan, Operation Divine Burgers, is now in progress. Steam his finally updated properly, but I was too busy installing a MyBB forum to last night to play the Portal mods I downloaded. I might make an animation this weekend if I'm not too busy working on the new forums.

2007-12-10 - BACK TO THE GRIND
Minor work on the story, game series, and a few other things was accomplished over the weekend, which is surprising, because usually I oversleep and don’t feel like doing anything when I wake up. I really should revise my Aperture Science FLAs. I had spaghetti for breakfast this morning.

2007-12-11 – IS IT NOT BORING YET?
Went to Wal-Mart last night and spent $20 less than usual. In addition to some nice White Castle burgers, I have tasted the wonder of the Hot-Pockets Calzone. Calzones are awesome. Despite the new forum, the Socom Squad remains fairly inactive, probably in part due to our lack of advertising it. I really ought to make a new flash movie. Perhaps I could make one for Squidmas.

1207-12-12 – Straight outta Redondo
Viral Marketing Procedure handbooks were passed out last night at the 47th annual Harbor City Coroner’s meeting at city hall. I received one despite not being able to attend. Work continues on Lockdown. I believe I’ve perfected the first set of test chambers. The bus driver for H37, Coach Harris, is going to be leaving for Qatar in January. We’ll certainly miss her during her absence.

CAN I GET IT REPLACED? I really hate whatever virus or bacteria is causing this illness and hope it dies in a blood cell homicide. And now, it is time for Headache: The Musical. I hate being sick. It seems that either my immune system is being extremely lazy right now or the rate of duplication is crazy fast.

I looked up Georgia on Wikipedia last night. They have an awesome national anthem. Aside from that and yet another restructuring of my story cast, in addition to the creation of a better Aperture Science flash intro, not much else got done last night. Hopefully my trainwreck of thought can be put to good use this weekend by working on Lockdown, of which the first eleven test chambers are plotted on paper. I CAN DREAM, CAN’T I?

2007-12-17 – Hamfishes and Cobcorns to ye
As per usual, nothing got done this weekend, aside from additional revision to the story cast, minor pondering on the game series, and a lot of playing Hexen 2. I can’t seem to get past the first hub in that game. I also played Half-Life 2, but the damn thing kept crashing on me, causing my video card to dork out, which meant that the image of the game would be stuck there until I rebooted my computer pile of fail. I should probably get a new one, or at least a video card / memory / processor upgrade, because it is currently not awesome enough to play some of the latest games. Which brings me to another point: it seems these days that developers are too concerned with how much engine features, graphics, realism, etc. that they are able to incorporate into their game, as opposed to actual gameplay.

That’s a really large monitor. Last night was mainly uneventful. I have decided to start Hexen 2 over, playing as the Assassin class, after viewing the four weapons of every class. Could they have made the necromancer’s weapons any more lame? It’s a pity that he has the most useless attacks, because his model is absolute awesome. Why do we have to present the state powerpoints?

2007-12-19 – nothing.
Thanks to GameFAQs, I have made more progress following their guide while playing as an Assassin than I have trying to figure the game out on my own while playing as a Paladin. I am currently drawing up web layouts for the future website of the game series. Hopefully I will be able to establish something similar to a Steam/Xbox Live hybrid when the time rolls around. In addition, hopefully the series can be developed by as few people as possible, reducing the possible channels of communication and speeding development along. Perhaps this can be accomplished by having one person for each task; graphics, coding, engine implementation, modeling and animation, texture work, etc.

2-00\\\7-12-2o – TWO ON THE SAME PAGE?
WELCOME TO THE TEST. I like the concept of having these two short days. Yesterday I thought I would automatically go to first period, but I actually remembered a deviation in the schedule for once in my sorry life. Tomorrow, on the other hand, I’ll probably come here after first period instead of going to World Geography. This weekend, I hope to either document the game series, at least partially, or do some work on Lockdown. Perhaps I will be able to think of an idea for a flash animation as well.



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