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January 03rde, 2008
I did some minor flash works over Christmas break and am currently organizing a few collabs for a new group I might start, entitled The Crystal Sunset. Other than that and a weeklong visit from my dad, not too much else happened over the break. There are more people here today than I initially expected would bother to show up. Perhaps if we stopped spending so much money fixing the speakers in the gym we would be able to afford better computers.

January 04the, 2008
I suffered a nostalgia attack last night when viewing some classic Glock Group animations. That was one of the most awesome crews I ever had the pleasure of participating in, so itís a pity that it was killed by e-drama in August 06. People really need to learn that fighting on the internet is retarded. We uploaded an old GG forum to which was originally on x10hosting, and itís full of history. Good times.

Social Corroboration Movement E.C.P.N. Activity Log

January 07the, 2008
I was able to finish the Ultimate SquiDay introductory flash, as well as the menu for THE ICE COLLABORATION. I hope that the other members of the Socom Squad will be able to finish their parts for THE JB2845 COLLABORATION in time for SquiDay. Speaking of SquiDay, I really hope it wonít be pure hype like the last five holidays the Socom Squadís had. I will be submitting LOLLERGROUNDS Revision 3, and I will also be working on a flash based on the Frisky Dingo episode named The Odd Couple

January 08the, 2008
Nothing interesting happened last night, other than me working on other alliterated name animation groups which I could start if the SS ever fades away. I didnít manage to finish the Courage essay for English because I simply cannot think on demand. My mind goes where it wants to, when it wants to. I do not control it. And even if I could, would I really want to?

January 09the, 2008
I believe that the Socom Squad may be on the rise once again. Two flashes were recently submitted, I have ideas for a few collaboration themes, the forums were reorganized, and people are actually animating. I have given more thought to other groups I could start. I have also started to think of possible layouts for again, but this time, itís different; the one I came up with last night has more of an artistic look to it.

January 10the, 2008
I finished a time trial with my good friend r0ms last night, two parts from each of us. I was also able to put together a new collab menu, but time slipped away from me, as when I looked up, it was 9:00. We are working on a new story in English class, and, for some reason, I actually have a lot to write for once. I have also finished a potential layout for (as if you havenít already heard that seventy billion times).

January 11the, 2008Just another Friday, nothing to wir writs wirete stupid ifingers type operopertly
Nothing was accomplished last night, and nothing will be accomplished over the weened wweekend. Hopefully I will be able to condense what promises to be a spiraling-out-of-control long story into something a bit more reasonable, such as five pages.

January 14the, 2008
I wrote a brilliant story by the name of Squad Riot for English class. Unfortunately, our ever-loving slave drivers at wherever have decided that, ONE STORY BASED ON A PICTURE IS NOT ENOUGH. YOU HAVE FROM THURSDAY TO MONDAY TO DO ONE, AND MONDAY TO FRIDAY TO DO THE NEXT, despite some of us not having enough creative genius to stretch over two stories.


- LISD Administration

January 15the, 2008
Compiled a gallery of some flags I drew last night. That aside, I have started a Cave Story mod. A small poem was also completed.

A promise is a promise
And unto you I say
Never again shall I
See the light of day

Dark and morbid, just like me!!1

January 16the, 2008
The mock TAKS is tomorrow. We shall uphold our duties and fail with honor.

January 18the, 2008
And just as quickly as progress was made, it was shot down. I have decided that, for some unfathomable reason, a 100% flash site is not the way to go. Here we go again. The other story was finished and turned in. This is not a good week for first period considering that the regular teacher was out every day, except for Wednesday, and Iím not very fond of Ms. Stubbs. At least third period (Communication Application) is starting to get better.

January 22nde, 2008
January 21st was declared a day that will go down in infamy by PineappleSocom, as it was on that evening when the tragic losses of SplatterSocom, CarrotSocom, PumpkinSocom, and AnarchySocomís Newgrounds accounts occurred. All this a mere three days before SquiDay. I have finished some flash animations and am working on a few collaborations. Hopefully I will be able to MAKE A DESCISION REGARDING THE WEBSITE LAYOUTS SHEESH I MEAN IíVE ONLY OWNED THE DOMAIN SINCE JULY NO REASON TO HAVE CONTENT ON IT RIGHT?

January 23rde, 200d
Nothing of major importance is currently happening within the confines of yesterday ago aside from a couple of ladytypes moving in with us due to my aunt is too nice for her own good. I am a grammar wizards and I can run circles around you with both past and present tense, correct and incorrect, exposes and falsifications. You will struggling to keep up with my happy skills.

January 24the, 2008

January 25the, 2008
Yesterday was Squiday, which was moderately productive because I TOLD TJ NOT TO FRIGGIN TOUCH ME SHEESH I was able to work on my website due to missing the bus that morning and staying home due to my cough being particularly bad that day. Many people submitted flash to Newgrounds in celebration of the SSís first anniversary. I have recently begun the pre-development of a new sidescroller-style game based on my random comic strip series, Panda Bears. Hopefully this wonít be a flopout, like all of my other ideas for games.

January 28the, 2008
I finished a new animation last night named Space Gost. I also did some minor work on as well as a whole lotta not-sleeping-last-night.
Monday Zombiefest is clear to proceed with mission objectives.

January 29the, 2008
ALL I EVER WANTED TO DO IN LIFE WAS MAKE VIDEOGAMES BUT THE HIGHERUPS WONíT LET ME BECAUSE FREE TIME IS THE LIE OF BEGGARS AND CHILDREN. Last night bore witness to development on the prewriting of Panda Bears. I also found a new webcomic. I have compiled two SaltyJello Mega Deluxe flashes in celebration of February 9th, which was when I was sworn into the Glock Group animation team.

January 30the, 2008
Is it Friday yet? I feel as if something (ESSAY AFTER ESSAY AFTER ESSAY DSGHLASDJGHADH) is slowly draining my creativity. If you would like to restore order to the class, please press 7 on your numeric keypad. Terry better get off of those games.

January 31ste, 2008
I cannot think of anything to write about. Panda Bears continues to be revised and worked on, and Iíll see about getting a layout for Impure Creation developed. Nothing of major importance is happening right now.

February Firste, 2008
Additional development of Panda Bears, namely the first few areas and some names for the difficulty levels, took place in an MSN conversation with MY GOOD PAL R0MS last night. I also received an early Happy Birthday card from my dad which was accompanied by a The Simpsons Movie DVD. I was able to think up a way to avoid ridiculously huge filesizes: have each level and cutscene in its own, separate file, and have the main window load them into itself, allowing for a load-as-you-go experience that helps against unauthorized hosting and perhaps even hotlinking.



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