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Experiencing collectivitis on a daily basis™

May 6, 2008
We have finished The Crucible in first period English, and what a grand tale it was. It turns out that we have a day off during the last week of school (Memorial Day). That made me laugh. I created a layout for Impure Creation that I will continue to tweak into what might actually become the website. Of course, I'm still considering waiting for the One Year of Nothing milestone to roll by before doing that.

May 7, 2008
I've started playing Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil again. Sometimes I wonder if it could possibly get any more annoying, what with the constant spawning of the same two types of demons every five seconds. This journal has been cut short because the number of assignments pending from me has been bumped up to three.

May 8, 2008
I really wish PineappleSocom would get off his fat arse and finish the We Suck Collaboration. It's been way too long since the Socom Squad has submitted flash. I also wish that TJ would stop placing his disgusting hands on me. I finished Resurrection of Evil and found the ending, while amusing, to be an inadequate payoff for the amount of sheer annoyance that the player has to put up with in order to fight the final boss. I had a look at my website layout last night and I think I might have to create a new one. What a surprise.

May 9, 2008
I created an introduction for Impure Creation Entertainment last night and am pleased with the results. I have plans for a website which incorporates the new logo into its design. We're celebrating Cinco de Mayo today in Spanish with a siesta which I'm looking forward to. Regarding the Bond Election, was it really necessary to have 200,000 "OMG HEY VOTE YES" signs lined along the entry road earlier this week?

Redefining oversimplification™

May 12, 2008
The weekend was uneventful, as usual. I actually ate cereal for breakfast this morning. Surprising, right? I'm working on new layouts, intros, and ideas for video games.

May 13, 2008
LHS needs a screaming room. I'll be surprised if anybody's left after leaving for the play. In fact, I believe I'll spend all period merely looking like I'm working on something important. Random question: If you do actually read all of these journals, how do you find the time to do such a thing, considering time is always short, regardless of circumstance, status, or pay?

May 14, 2008
I found out yesterday that people invented food because they were hungry. Such food can be obtained by smashing open windows. TJ is rapidly approaching the super happy fun get-the-hell-away-from-me mental degradation meltdown that occurred to an annoying Chinese kid last year. There will be screaming involved when this happens. Got some work done on the web layout, which will look quite nice when I figure out a color scheme.

May 15, 2008
I'm still sore from the fitness-gram. My aunt recently came into the possession of a purple lava lamp, which was promptly placed atop my dresser. Convectional heat is awesome. I finished most of the layout last night, and am impressed that I was able to do so much in a mere two days.

May 16, 2008
Is it summer yet? My aunt went to Houston this morning in search of a secluded train station so that she may pick up a friend. In English, we have been watching a movie based on The Scarlet Letter, a four-part epic set in 1640s Boston. Several scenes from the movie have inspired me to recreate some of the characters in my style. I might also find a way to work them into an animation series I might create, but odds are that the series itself won't ever be more than an idea because I'm so darn lazy.

Part of a nutritious mental breakdown™

May 19, 2008
Welcome to the beginning of the end. We have finally reached the last week ever. I got no work done on the website layout because I thought of another one. I'm going to get back into creating games for an old DOS game engine called ZZT. ZZT is a fun little trainwreck which is easy to make games for, mainly because it utilizes its own object-oriented programming language.

May 20, 2008
I went on a nostalgia raid last night and found that dosgames.com, among other DOS-enthusiast sites, is still up. I redownloaded some old classics, such as Insanity, The Game With No Name, The Adventures of ANSi Dude, and various Pac-Man clones. Good times. It seems that I've always had a strange fascination for older technologies. Perhaps I just like to take time to enjoy the simpler things in life computing. Text-mode graphics made for some pretty fun games back then.

May 21, 2008
Yesterday escaped from my clutches due to my discovery of an image-to-sound program wherein images are formed when the sound files are viewed with a stereogram. This would be an interesting way to create an alternate reality game, seeing as the sound, which will display text relating to games I create when viewed on a stereogram, can be embedded in and recorded from my flash animations. Of course, I'd have to come up with wittier and wittier riddles if the ARG grows in popularity due to all of the concentrated brainpower of its followers. QUITE EXCITING THIS COMPUTER MAGIC

May 22, 2008
Why do people keep placing their disgusting hands on me? I thought of an extensive idea for a ZZT game last night. It will take place in a biotechnology development facility and span across 5 different areas. During the course of the game, keycards must be recovered in order to access a teleportation chamber which takes the player to the final area of the game. More welcome distractions from the creation of a website layout.

May 23, 2008
I wrote an exaggerated poem about the rising cost of everything this morning. Last night, I worked a bit on the game and started on a minimalist website layout. It seems that everything is distracting me from everything else. For example: since I'm working on the website and the game, that leaves me no ideas for flash animations to work on. I'm sure I'll come up with something sooner or later.



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