Delving into Impure Thoughts (2008-12-19)

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While attempting to sculpt the characters of Megaton on paper, I came to the conclusion that I suck at drawing robots. This discovery prompted me to scribble my squirrel character shaking his fist at the wind while screaming You'll pay for this, Captain Planet! I didn't do much over thanksgiving besides sitting around being fat. I attempted to put together a mock TV station identity but couldn't be bothered to spend massive amounts of time animating something that might potentially reek of fail. The Socom Squad is moving slow, as is everything else, but my dad has a get-us-rich scheme planned, so it'll be worth our troubles.

I wish the future would shut up for two seconds so I could focus on what I want to do in the present. What's so great about the future anyway? Sure, it presents an opportunity to move forward, but it's egotistical, predictable, and vertigo-inducing. After graduation I'll probably take at least a year off in order to catch up with myself. I'm sick of routines and following them anyway, so it would be a double win on my part.

We went to Wal-Mart last night and got me some new shoes (among other things). Hopefully these ones won't fall apart after only half a year of ground-pounding like the other pair. Currently having no idea as to what to do with myself, I've taken up watching Lets Play's until inspiration hits me with its usual sack-of-bricks fury. I'll probably regain my will to work on Otromedi if/when I download more games for Knytt Stories. The problem with all my games is that they're good stories, but telling them serves no purpose. Maybe that's why Overkill is still in the works; it has no story, and is intentionally ridiculous.

Ms. Davis conducted an interesting experiment involving spectroscopes during third period. I now wonder if Helium is a viable light source. I've been keeping a visual log of my insanity during fifth period, and the results is a new series of comics about a group of people living in a town named Misanthropia. There's also a brief tie-in with the Horatio (mad scientist squirrel character) universe (or perhaps he owns an estate in Misanthropia and that's where he's been operating all this time) involving magic cheese that turns normal rats into anthropomorphic ones. This has potential to be an animated series.

It seems that instead of sleep I'm merely transported to the Twilight Zone for a few hours. I'm giving the residents of Misanthropia names now. This has potential to be a fun animated series, but that'll never happen and I know this. I've acquired sudden inspiration to create an adventure game. I'll look into engines that could back my vision, but this is probably another fleeting burst of inspiration. Still, it gives me something to do.

Over the weekend I got started on some flash ideas, thought up some more website layouts, and some other things. I'm starting to wonder why I'm always thinking up designs but never actually designing them. I also have a few ideas for adventure games with varying amounts of point and click. In addition, I have various other could-be idents for Impure Creation in my brains. All I do is too much thinking and too little creating. It makes me smart but I get nothing done.

The adventure games will be designed with my custom 32-color palette until further notice. Further notice will probably consist of me complaining that 32 colors is not restrictive enough to unleash my inner workaround creativist. Maybe that's why I persist upon using the outdated ZZT as the engine for some of my ideas when they would fare better as graphical adventures. I really ought to work on Cove Story; that plotline's been rattling around in my brain for a while now. However, I refuse to start something with an incomplete storyline because I will eventually reach a point where I ask “Ok, what now?” At that point, development dies, and the game becomes nothing more than a memory of design experimentation.

The sky weeps for us/Endless dripping sorrow/All signs we must/Endure what comes tomorrow
I wonder what a physical manifestation of boredom would look like. Forever toward the future we drift, clamoring for a piece of the lift. Racing across this road of life, lacking time to enjoy the sights. Care and concern are for someone else, we must go now to our personal hells. He who dies with the most toys wins, quantity not quality for the bargain bins. But like this we can't go on; our ears hear the sound of death's gong.
Sorry, I feel a bit poetic this morning.

Journal was not fabricated due to weather intervention.

Well, that was fun. I created a new Famewich menu this morning and spawned even more commercial ideas. I've also been working on an experiment involving typefaces as logos. A new corporation joins our roster: Broadcasting Bad Ideas television. In addition, I've been working on mascot characters. Work on the still unnamed adventure games will follow. I really need to do something for

I don't suppose you'd happen to have a plunger on you; my brain is clogged. I still don't have a name for the adventure game or its characters, but I'm forming ideas about how the game itself will work. I saw a Let's Play of a fantastical Commodore 64 sidescrolling adventure game that used some interesting graphical workarounds to present itself. I eagerly await Christmas break. Until then, test grades.

Eager for the start of the vacation, my brain has preemptively and permanently shut down. Please deliver all menial and tedious assignments to the rear entrance. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean an escape from droves of people, as approximately twentybillion of them are coming over on Sunday. Granted, they're slightly more related to me than most others, but I still dislike large crowds. I've come up with the name "Wandering Destiny", bad though it is, for the adventure game. I plan to make the overworld type areas largely 1D (with only left+right movement) while rooms and other such enterable areas will be in 2D.

I was planning on being productive last night but wasted the hours as per usual. I've had a MMORPG idea on my mind for a while now and I began to write Haikus based on some of the ideas for familiars. These included the Ice Cream Imp and Chocolate Cougar. I tried to create one for a Spirit Wasp but the second line ended up having eight syllables instead of seven and thus was a failure. Development on Wandering Destiny will continue as I develop the story.

It seems my purpose in the present is to stuff the Misanthropia universe with as many characters as possible. I've redrawn a previous mascot of mine, Vicente, using current styles. Speaking of mascots, If I don't opt for the characters of the Horatio universe or Vektor, I think I'll go with a modified castle guard named Ecksy and his alter-ego, the Mad Whisker. I'm currently working on finding music for an intro, either to Impure Creation or Megaton. I'll probably have as much luck with such a thing as I've had with designing web layouts when I say I will.

Famewich is an interesting side project, as I have absolutely no idea what inspired it. It seems that one day I just began thinking up some commercials, and it evolved into a menu. I didn't find music for the intro but I did create the new logo and a very basic web layout's header. I'll probably be able to throw something together over the holidays. Until that happens, and until we meet again, stay gold.




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