Delving into Impure Thoughts (2008-11-28)

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Another month passes us by as we watch, infuriated. The speed of time seems to increase and slow down simultaneously. The familiar scent of mystery meat tickles our nostrils from its abode in the cafeteria. Clearly, we all know how to talk, but none of us know how to think. We all sit here, chattering away our youth, too busy photographing each other to notice the sunset in the background.

The sanity beast crawls across the floor, emitting nothing more than the horrible squeal of a wounded animal. It bleeds from the gut as it laments its master's betrayal. Accursed humans! Why can they not see how valuable I am to them, it shouts to nobody, Without my aid they would've collapsed beneath their own intelligence long ago! Chuckling itself unto death, the beast laughed its final moments away.

As you can tell from the content of the above two entries, I've completely run out of stuff to write. My brain has become lazy. I've done some experimentation with my drawing styles and come up with a new way to create characters for Overkill. A new idea for the website graced me this morning: streaming internet radio to a Flash MP3 player. An interesting project, but is it possible? If it is, then this means you can embed live internet radio directly on a website with little more than a few lines of html code.

A heavy sigh. The sound of fingers on keyboard. A fan endlessly circulates on the desk, tireless and mechanical. Melancholy and amusement dance around a campfire. This is the life of laziness.
I had a strange in-depth idea this morning for a fast food restaurant named Famous Burger. This idea was strange because instead of the place itself (such as the floor plan of the restaurant), I only pictured the commercials they might produce there.

I imagined an interesting series of events which took place in an intergalactic prison last night while attempting to fall asleep. I've come up with names for the squirrel character, his pet son, and their catgirl acquaintance. Insert pep rally diss here. Over the weekend I plan to do absolutely nothing and eat absolutely everything. It will be a salute to good times.

I found out Friday afternoon that Toonami, a broadcast block which I grew up with, has been cancelled by Cartoon Network. A lot of people have had a lot of good memories with the program, and browsing YouTube for anything related to it shows. The cycle of inspiration struck me after I downloaded about eleventybillion videos from a fansite, and I came up with an idea for my own broadcast block named Megaton. I have no idea what to name the host robot, whether to make it look male or female, or even why I would consider any of this. I must be blindly groping for distractions if I'm resorting to this.

I put some thought into it, and this project might be worthwhile considering that I plan to start a game design corporation. If not, it's a fun side project to avenge the death of something I grew up with. I still need names for half the cast, but I should be fine with developing most everything else. Some friends and I threw together Chemo Trials 7 last night and hope to revive the Socom Squad.

Then he was able to perceive his lack of motivation. Inspired projects which once held his affection now faded into the dust and darkness. All that seemed to be on his mind these days was which frozen dinner he would eat next. Spaghetti or Pizza. Sugar or Sodium. Endless choices, though all bad, sat in front of him, eagerly awaiting his selection. Already lamenting his choice, whatever it would be, he closed his eyes and reached his hand in.

At the expense of getting even less sleep, I made myself work on the Megaton logo. The result was absolutely fabulous, even if I've yet to animate it. The end result of all this will be pure nostalgia. There is no greater thing for people like me. ONWARD INTO THE DARKNESS.

I animated the logo last night, creating a very simple intro. I still need to decide how to draw the host robots. Before that, I need to decide exactly what they look like. A non-host robot named Tarball escaped onto paper, but I've come to the conclusion that I'm terrible at drawing anything that's even slightly related to the opposite gender. I'll find a way. In finding this way, I shall spend all of the weekend on YouTube, wonder where the time went, then curse my miserable existence. Let's get to it.

Ultra Special Moan n' Groan Edition

I'm simultaneously horrible and great at sleeping; horrible at actually getting to the 'asleep' bit, great at wasting the rest of the day once I'm there. Over the weekend I accomplished a whole bunch of nothing. What a surprise. Further lamenting the pointlessness of human life, I toil away in the sands of time, a forgotten memory. Truly, mine was a wonderful existence.

Holy jeebers third period can fry my mind fast. I'm attempting to redesign Ultraviolet, but I feel tired and can't think. For this reason, I now believe that science is the polar opposite of fun. However, if that's the case, then so is learning a second language, because my seventh period Spanish class is driving me absolutely bonkers. I need more sleep.

There was a legal presentation in the auditorium. As per usual, almost none of it applies to me because I'm not even on the radar. While walking down the hallways just now, a door leaped out and punched me. The hallways are defective and need to be replaced. I'm working on a new cast of characters for Ultraviolet.

It feels like I sit down for two seconds and it's suddenly 7 PM. Mine is a strange house, a house where the space-time continuum distorts and fractures itself to find amusement in my confusion. A student in third period diligently informed me that my shoes are falling apart. I successfully pulled off the excuse of not having time to care. I truly don't; I only have time to lounge.

As this journal is a place to dump random thoughts, I should treat it as such. Instead, I seem to be focused on nitpicking everything that goes on in my personal life. I thought of a title for a self-reflection book: Talking to Myself: The Innermost Thoughts and Reflections of Future Internet Celebrity [REDACTED]. I can't be bothered to make it longer; it is perfect. Just like my game ideas and grammar. This is why I shall release it under the label "Grammatically Correct Edition" and rerelease it as the "Gimme More Money Edition"

I wonder what the point of a two-day school week is. Over the weekend (well, last night actually) I began to update the charming characters of Megaton. I値l see where this revision will go. My inspiration is currently shifting all over the place like an indecisive hurricane that thought Florida was too cliché. Part of me wants to work on Overkill [sidescroller], another Otromedi [Knytt stories game], another Ultraviolet [ZZT RPG], and the rest on Megaton [Toonami ripoff universe]. I値l probably go for Otromedi or Ultraviolet since Overkill is out of my reach as I知 too lazy to learn C++ and Megaton is nothing more than an idea until I find voice actors and 3D modelers.

What the hell were they thinking when they decided to put portables way over there?! I can feel my heartbeat in bloody everything below my knees. During third period, I came to the conclusion that I really hate people who can稚 think for themselves. Not only was I trying to take a test, but their nonstop chattery caused me inadvertent twitching and facepalms. Aunt Pegi and the rest of [REDACTED] will be performing at the Junior High on Thursday, but I値l probably stay home because, as stated, I知 misanthropic and don稚 do well when near crowds in an enclosed space. :)

Journal was not fabricated due to administrative schedule interference.

Journal was not fabricated due to the sheer deliciousness of the situation.

Journal was not fabricated due to the user overdosing on turkey grease.



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