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So, you like this website and want to link here? Why not. Here's how.


The simplest way is through a text link: CD5K Fictional Ultraverse
<a href="">CD<sup>5K</sup></a>

If you want to have some descriptive text, my suggestion (and standard method of doing so) is like this:
Open-Source Fiction Project

<dt><a href="">fu.CD<sup>5K</sup>.net </a></dt>
<dd>add a nice description here</dd>


These image links are also available:

[CD5K] [Cybernetic Demise Fiction Project]
[New worlds and writings await you. Let's make something cool!]

Save and upload one to your webspace - for example, in an "images" folder - and create a link like so:

<a href="" title="add a nice description here?">
<img src="/images/cd5k88.png" width="88" height="31" alt="[CD5K]"></a>

Or, if you want to put in more effort than I have, the resources are available to create your own images:

[Warning: Coding!]Always Under Construction

Let Them Have It.

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