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"If you have a good idea, don't convince others. Have them copy you instead!"

Let Them Have It

That is the slogan and catchphrase of this domain. It is intended to have many possible meanings, depending on how it is said.

Let them have it. I want to see what they do with it.
Stories are meant to be shared. Some like what they make so much that they feel their work's purity must be guarded. I am not such a person; I want my tales to not only be spread, but also be revised and expanded. Other minds can bring new perspectives and interpretations. Tell me yours.
Let them have it. The cycle must continue.
The ShareAlike license means that any changes or additions will be subject to the same treatment from others. You must not concern yourself with others who would claim or profit from your contributions, because there are as many ways to implement any given idea as there are people on the planet. Relax, think openly, and let yourself be a launching pad.
Let them have it. We have this to call our own.
There is no shortage of entertainment online. If a person or corporation is unwilling to be open, either forget about them, or look at what they have made and convince yourself you can do better. Let them stay behind locked doors, isolating their static worlds. If you're eager to create, find someone who wouldn't mind sharing a vibrant universe.


I chose this license to enforce openness - not just of what I've created, but of all derivative content. I want this project to keep growing, even after I'm no longer capable of working on it, and BY-SA allows for that by ensuring any use of my content is a take-and-give relationship.

Under a less restrictive license such as CC BY, others would be free to use WaxVerse without opening up any additions they make for use by others. It's also an issue of consistency - if anything is labeled as part of the CDFU, it will automatically be known that the same license is in effect for the entire production, instead of just the material which inspired it.

"They want their work to be totally "free" for any type of use whatsoever and they want other people to agree to do the same in order to use their work."
-Clarence Simpson on BY-SA

Absolute Originality

Society seems to have forgotten that all art is derivative, and ideas are intertwined; not these discrete things that suddenly pop into existence. However, the legal system is built around that false concept, and as such, we'll have to play along. Fair Use is regarded as something that doesn't exist, and as far as I am concerned, it therefore doesn't.

In creating all CDFU content, I have employed the following principles, and I encourage you to do the same:

You Are Not Here
No real-world locations, events, media, or people, including those in the public domain, will be used or referenced.
Zero Trademark Tolerance
Existing brands will not be incorporated, parodied, or given tribute.
CDFU content will be unique enough to be legally distinct from anything and everything that is closed-source or under copyright.

Where's The Edit Button?

You may have noticed that, despite my calls for collaboration, this website is not a wiki. The reason for that is this is my personal domain, and the content on it is my personal edition of the Ultraverse. It's also coded for speed, using hand-typed PHP and HTML, and having wiki software on top of that might reduce swiftness. I also do not care to deal with community politics. Anyone who wants to create their own Waxy Ultraverse, editable or not, is welcome to, and anyone who dislikes another's version can spin it off and make it better. But, this one is mine, and I rather like it.

If you have further unanswered questions about the way I do things, or why the project turned out how it did, feel free to ask me about it.

[Warning: Coding!]Always Under Construction

Let Them Have It.

Some Rights Reserved: This work is made available as-is, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, and may be openly distributed, revised, and expanded in accordance to it.
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