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Here's all the websites I went through on the way to this one, updated to modern design standards for your enjoyment. The code has been rewritten for compatibility reasons, but the looks and functions remain unchanged.

Information and Context
WaxVerse SSI
WaxVerse PHP
and Misc
α0.1 2008-01-26 α0.2 2008-03-14 α0.3 2008-03-16 β0.4 2008-04-19
β0.5 2008-04-27 β0.6 2008-05-15 RC0.7 2008-06-09 RC0.8 2008-06-26
RC0.9 2008-07-19 1.0 2008-08-01 — 2009-07-05 2.0α 2009-01-05
2009-2010: / /
2009-08-06 2010-04-22 2010-08-27 2010-09-25
2010-10-05 2010-10-10 2010-10-14 2010-11-27

I did have a few websites before these.. I technically got my start on GeoCities back in 2002, but, you know. My first actual domain, that I got when I was in 7th grade (2003?), was hosted for free. Of course, that was with the caveat of being a single-page affair caked with ads. Anyway, I used that to host whatever dumb animation I'd made at the time.

In 2004, I briefly had a website where I'd post AIM roleplay chatlogs, which was basically a souped-up version of one of my GeoCities sites where I did the same. Then, later on, I had a Transformers fansite with little animations on it. I'm not sure about 2005.

There is one site I do have saved, but not uploaded because I got rid of all the interesting stuff. It's basically just a one-page blog with a fake TOS and Privacy Policy where I desperately tried to be funny.

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